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In Response To The Article Titled” The Better Memo ‎To The Canadian Premier Minister Paul Martin.”‎

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In Response To The Article Titled” The Better Memo ‎To The Canadian Premier Minister Paul Martin.”‎


Although I am a firm believer in freedom speech, I was stunned to see the article titled “The better Memo to ‎the Canadian premier Minister Paul Martin.” on your website. ‎
Personally, I assumed that your website is pro-Somaliland and its causes but I found out otherwise. If the ‎author remained objective and advocated unity then it is easy to swallow why you have posted his article. But ‎please excuse my shameful ignorance and enlighten me about the purpose of the following paragraph from ‎the author’s article: ‎
‎“Besides that, it is quite well know to us (outsider may learn) Somalis that the people in the Regions of ‎Awdal, Sool, Sanag and Togedheer are literally against the separation but they support the peaceful co-‎existence and Governance of the region. In addition to that, Somali people in Sool and Sanag consider them ‎self freely as natural and administration wise as part of the Autonomous Punt land region of Somalia as well ‎as the Great (Somaaliween) Somalia.” ‎
The author speaks for regions that he probably never been to. Without factual backups he makes a claim ‎and speaks on behalf of the population in those regions. Needless to say, this is the typical article that would ‎appear on Hutu websites such as Puntiland.com, but I have never imagined that the opinion of a ‎propagandist would be mistaken for freedom of speech and posted in Awdel website. I say Hutu websites ‎because obviously if Puntiland.com belonged to a respectful Somali person, he/she would not have projected ‎so much hatred towards Somaliland. ‎
Moreover, while the author is advocating unity, he claims that Sool, and Sanaag are part of Puntiland-the ‎Harti kingdom. This is a classic example of hypocrisy-a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He can’t have it both ways. ‎The author should be either pro unity or he should trust his subconscious believes and remain loyal to his ‎tribe. He preaches unity and Somaliwey yet by reading his article, one could easily see his fervent support for ‎his tribal kingdom. “Beerka jecli, xaydha jecli”, which one do you want? ‎
Please remove “the article” from your respectful website. And don’t get me wrong because I am not in any ‎way, shape or form trying to suppress freedom of speech regardless of whether the author is pro or anti ‎Somaliland. What I am against is the baseless propaganda and the individual that speaks on behalf of Sool, ‎Awdal, Sanaag and Togdheer, while he is sitting at a coffee shop in the heart of Europe-namely Germany. ‎

By Dalmar ‎

dalmar_k@yahoo.com ‎

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