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Opposition Alliance Condemns ‎Government's Expulsion Of EU Officer ‎
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Opposition Alliance Condemns ‎Government's Expulsion Of EU Officer

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Hargeysa, Somaliland, November 5, 2005 (SL Times) – Somaliland's two opposition ‎parties, KULMIYE and UCID have condemned the Somaliland government's decision to ‎expel the EU's liaison officer in Hargeysa, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed (Ahmed Washington).‎The opposition alliance urged the government to rescind its decision.‎

The full text of a joint statement issued on Wednesday, November 2, 2005 is as follows:‎

‎"The two political parties of KULMIYE and UCID strongly condemn the government of ‎Somaliland’s decision to expel the Head of the European Union office in Hargeisa, Mr. ‎Ahmed Mohamed (Ahmed Washington). We believe that the decision to expel Mr. Ahmed ‎was based wholly and solely on the personal interest on the part of some government ‎officials and was a retaliation for Ahmed’s reluctance to accede to the wishes of these ‎officials. The manner the Government of Somaliland reached the decision to expel the EU’s ‎officer in Somaliland is contrary to normal diplomatic procedures and conduct. It is also ‎reminiscent of the expulsion in August of French national and academician Mr. Roland ‎Marchal.‎

The people of Somaliland have a high regard for the EU and are grateful for the assistance ‎the EU extended to Somaliland’s democratization process and to Somaliland’s ‎reconstruction and rehabilitation. The EU has generously assisted Somaliland in many ‎projects including the rehabilitation of roads and EU assistance was invaluable in the ‎completion of Somaliland’s most recent parliamentary elections. Somaliland enjoys direct ‎and beneficial relationship with the EU and this relationship has been strengthening ‎through the tenure of Mr. Ahmed.‎

The two parties are by this note asking the Government of Somaliland to rescind these ‎decisions. We are also urging the EU not react in ways that will adversely affect the good ‎relationship between Somaliland and the EU. We, indeed, hope that the EU will continue ‎and strengthen this relationship and that this matter will be resolved amicably."‎

Ahmed Mohamed Sillanyo (Chairman, KULMIYE Party)

Faysal Ali Waraabe (Chairman, UCID Party)

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