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Somali Refugee Petitions UK Govt
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Somali Refugee Petitions UK Govt


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Mohammed Salah Jama     

Kampala , Uganda , November 16, 2005 (The New Vision) – A Ugandan based Somali refugee has petitioned the British government seeking compensation and assistance for the role he played in rescuing two British MPs who were kidnapped in Somalia in 1994, reports Patrick Jaramogi.

Mohammed Salah Jama, a former warlord who arrived in Uganda two years ago, said he had been rendered homeless for rescuing the British MPs.

Speaking in an interview on Thursday, Jama said, “I offered help but my life is now in danger. I left Somalia because my life was at risk. The British government must assist me and help me get relocation with my family.”

He said his family of seven was stranded in Ethiopia after they were pushed out due to persecution and threats by Somali warlords.

MPs Mark Robson and Tony Worthington were in a mission to Somalia in February, 1994 when they were kidnapped.

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