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Issue 104 January 19-25, 2004


Responding To Abdillahi Yusuf’s Plea, ONLF Fighters Arrive In Majerteenia

Las-Anod (SL Times) – Hundreds of fighters belonging to the Ogaden National Liberation Front secretly arrived last week at the western and southern parts of Majerteenia (Puntland) following a recent plea by Col. Abdillahi Yusuf for Darood clans living in Ethiopia to send him arms, ammunition and combatants which, as he put it, were needed to bolster Puntland’s capabilities in an imminent military confrontation with Somaliland. The ONLF which for the last decade has been engaged in a hit and run insurgency against Ethiopian government forces in some parts of Ethiopia’s autonomous Somali regional state, draws its recruits exclusively from the Ogaden/Darood clan.


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King’s College Hospital Team To Arrive Tomorrow

Hargeisa (SL Times) – A team of medical specialists from the London-based King’s college Hospital will arrive in Hargeisa tomorrow.

During their stay in Somaliland, the team is expected to offer specialist support to Hargeisa Group Hospital and a number of other health institutions in the country.

The Tropical Health And Education Trust (THET), which provides training for health workers in a number of poor African countries, arranged a partnership linkage between Hargeisa Group Hospital and King’s College Hospital.

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Survey Reveals Wide Income Gap between Somaliland and Somalia

By Dr Ismail I Ahmed

The average incomes in Somaliland have dramatically increased after the war and are now significantly higher than those in the regions of Somalia, according to a joint study by the World Bank and UNDP. The Socio-Economic Survey which was published on 14 January 2004 compares the per capita income of 18 Somali regions. The results show that the five regions of Somaliland top the income league table.
The study says the regions around Mogadishu were richer before the war because of heavy concentrations of commerce, industry and services. In the last income and expenditure survey conducted some 20 years ago, Somaliland regions came at the bottom of all the 18 regions. Now average household incomes in Somaliland regions are 50% higher than those in Somalia.

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Self-Determination As A Way For Solving Conflicts

Screamed one of them when I inquired why unity had eluded them for so long: "We cannot participate in talks when senior people who served in the Siad Barre government and were architects of the maiming of our people and destruction of our land are now seen as saints in the talks in Nairobi."

There are claims that around 1991 and 1992, Barre's army, which continued fighting after his ouster in January 1991, bombarded Hargeisa, one of the then flourishing towns with a strong political and economic base. The raids are said to have left over 640,000 people dead and the entire town reduced to rubble.

Many of the people in Somaliland have kept pictures and relics of the town immediately after it was flattened as a reminder of the injustice meted out to them.

Pointing at one of these pictures, Egal Mohammed says agonisingly: "We speak the same language, worship the same religion, we are people of the same race, and yet we were battered like this by our fellow brothers. It is difficult to start talking of unity."

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UN Releases First Socioeconomic Survey On Somaliland And Somalia

Somalia is considered one of the poorest countries in the world, a situation aggravated by the civil war and the absence of a functioning national government for over a decade. According to the survey - also referred to as the "Somalia Watching Brief 2003" - 43 percent of Somalis live in extreme poverty with an income of $1 a day or less.
The survey also suggests that regions in the north that enjoy relative peace have better income levels compared to southern regions, which are still conflict zones.

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The current wealth breakdown for Hargeisa was obtained through interviews with 40 groups of key informants throughout the city. The participants in these interviews included `elders', section leaders and members of the community (both men and women). Wealth breakdowns were also conducted in some of the focus group interviews with particular wealth groups. Wealth breakdowns were obtained for different parts of the city (`mixed' and `poor') and then merged using a working population figure of 375,000 for the town as a whole and, within this, 60,000 for the `poor' areas.8 The first two graphics below illustrate the wealth breakdowns that were obtained for the `mixed' and `poor' parts of the city. The third graphic is a summary for the city as a whole. None of the percentage figures in these graphics should be regarded as precise - each figure is within a range - which varies from one part of the town to another.

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Two Killed In North Somalia Fighting: Officials

Somaliland leaders are not involved in the peace gathering, saying they have no intention of reuniting Somaliland with the rest of Somalia. Abdullahi Mohamed Du'ale, the Somaliland information minister, has urged the United Nations, African Union, European Union and Arab League to use their influence to stabilise the situation.

"Forces loyal to Abdullahi Yusuf have committed naked aggression. Somaliland will be patient no longer," he said. – Reuters

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Col. Abdillahi Yusuf Shows His Terrorist Colors

Somalilanders will hardly be surprised by the news that Abdillahi Yusuf is now soliciting the help of the Ogaden National Liberation Front, with the purpose of bolstering his violent campaign of grabbing Somaliland territory. After all, this is a warlord who in pursuit of power over the last 3 decades has repeatedly shown that he wouldn’t hesitate to ally himself with the devil, if that would serve his ultimate aim. Until quite recently, Abdillahi Yusuf liked portraying himself as the only Somali leader at the forefront of the fight against terrorism in the region. Now he is not ashamed to speak proudly to his militiamen of his newly established links with the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) which, despite its misleading name, is widely believed to be the organization responsible for the facilitation and execution of terror activities, not only in Ethiopia, but also across the Horn of Africa.

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A Letter Of Thanks By Sanjab

My Dear Relatives, Friends And Colleagues,

I am very pleased to inform you that my health problems, which started in may 2002, have been diagnosed in London, United Kingdom. It started early morning 5th of May 2002 in Hargeisa, while driving my car in front of Hargeisa Group Hospital. I became unconscious and found myself at the ward 6 days later. My family members evacuated me to Ethiopia, and later, to the United Kingdom.

H.E Mr Mohamed Said Gees, who was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland at that time, was responsible for facilitating my visa to U.K. I am therefore obliged to extend my sincere appreciation to his efforts and honest assistance.

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Nationalism Versus Tribalism In Somalia

By Saeed Farah Abdi

Let alone resolving their longstanding tribally-based political feuds, Somali participants in the current peace-making gathering in Nairobi are reported to have had, on December 17, another dog-fight among themselves. In light of this latest episode there is a glaringly imminent failure out of the IGAD sponsored 14-month old Nairobi gathering, named the reconciliation conference, by the international Community.

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Freedom Of The Press

By Mohamed Abdillahi Du’ale (Ilkacase)

The press is called the fourth estate of any democratic country, meaning it is the fourth power after the executive, judiciary and legislative. In a democracy, the press not only disseminates news and information but also analyses them critically, hence giving a whole panorama of any problem and its possible solutions.

The Press is not supposed to be a mouthpiece of the prevailing government but a staunch supporter of people’s causes. The media keeps people informed about the government policies and global issues.
It also informs the government about the problems of the society, their desires, and grievances.

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Soccer Leaders Praise Omino

Nairobi, January 14, 2004 (The East African Standard)

Joab Omino was due to defend his seat in the Confederation of African Football (CAF) executive in Tunisia next week.

The former Kenya international and Football Federation chairman was among five candidates set to contest two seats set aside for the East and Central Africa (Cecafa) region.

Omino and immediate former Cecafa president, Farah Addo of Somalia are the incumbents. Addo who is also the CAF vice president will not be defending his seat having opted to quit big time football to concentrate on politics at home.

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Peace Talks

International Criminal Tribunal For Somalia Warlords

Notorious Somali warlords, regional administration heads and former military government leaders have committed grave human rights atrocities against the Somali civilians including women and children.

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MEDIA-AFRICA: A Depressing Start To 2004 For African Journalists

Moyiga Nduru

JOHANNESBURG, Jan 14 (IPS) - The new year has started on a bad note for the media in Africa, with journalists under siege in various parts of the continent.

In Zambia, columnist Roy Clarke has gone into hiding. He faces deportation for allegedly defaming Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa by referring to him as a "lumbering, foolish elephant" who heads a "farm" of corrupt officials.

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Cameras On Somali Island "To Monitor Terrorists"

By Ali Halni, IOL Correspondent

MOGADISHU, January 13 ( – Fishermen from the Somali southern city of Raas Kambooni stumbled Monday, January 12, onto cameras and other electronic devices installed in a remote island in the country's territorial waters, with one official believing it is the work of U.S. intelligence.

Four cameras linked to solar cells and state-of-the-art equipment had been found on the depopulated rocky island of Burr Gaabo near the Kenyan borders, Houg Ogal newspaper reported Tuesday, January 13.

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Senegalese And Djiboutian Officials Injured In Car Accident

Thies, Senegal, 16/01/2004 (News24) – Senegal's Minister of Housing and Construction Salif Ba and his Djibouti counterpart Abdelali Abdallah were injured in a road accident near Dakar on Thursday, Senegalese press reports said on Thursday.

Ba survived with a swollen eye but Abdallah was evacuated by helicopter to Dakar after medical treatment at a Thies hospital, the APS news agency reported.

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US Wants Normalized Somalia

DIPLOMATIC PUSH: The US, concerned about terrorism in the lawless African nation, is considering a diplomatic effort to restart stalled talks on resolving strife

WASHINGTON, Sunday, Jan 11, 2004 (AFP) – The US is considering a major diplomatic initiative to help create a functional government in lawless Somalia, a senior US State Department official said Friday.

The aim would be to restore the war-ravaged country to some form of normality for its impoverished people and rein in terrorist elements, including some affiliated with Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network, the official said.

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United In A Quest For Understanding

United In A Quest For Understanding

By KELLEY BOUCHARD, Portland Press Herald Writer

LEWISTON, Sunday, January 11, 2004 (Maine Newspapers) — A lot has changed in Lewiston over the last year. Vital city documents are being translated into three languages. Social service agencies are seeking better ways to provide job training, transportation and child care for all of the city's poorest residents.

A new mayor is promoting multicultural understanding along with economic development. In general, more people are focusing on what unites them, instead of what divides them. A 10-day festival started Saturday to celebrate these accomplishments.

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First Of 200 Refugees From Somalia To Begin Arriving In Roanoke Soon

As many as 140 of the refugees will be children, potentially creating a unique challenge for local school systems.
By Lisa Applegate, Tuesday, January 13, 2004

A mother and her three children - the first of 200 Somali Bantu refugees to resettle in Southwest Virginia this year - will arrive Jan. 21 at Roanoke Regional Airport.

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Two Wanted over Cafe Shooting

By Jane Kirby, PA News, Mon 12 Jan 2004

Detectives investigating the murder of a student outside a cafe today released descriptions of two men they want to question.

Nureni Mumin Sheikh, 19, from Manor Park in London, died after being shot twice in Moss Side, Greater Manchester, at around 5.30pm on Saturday.

Officers responded to reports that a man had been shot outside the Zaku cafe in Claremont Road.

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