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US Issues Travel Warning To US Americans Visiting Djibouti
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US Issues Travel Warning To US Americans Visiting Djibouti

VOA News, 17 Jan 2004

The United States has renewed a travel warning to Americans who plan to visit Djibouti, the tiny country at the corner of the Horn of Africa.

The State Department issued the warning Friday saying the U.S. government has received indications of terrorist threats in the region, aimed at U.S. and Western interests.

It said all Americans, considering traveling to Djibouti, are advised to reevaluate their travel plans in light of the current situation.
France, Djibouti's former colonial ruler, maintains a strong military presence in the tiny nation. The United States also has a temporary base there for some 1,500 U.S. soldiers who are helping train Djibouti's military in counter-terrorism techniques.

The United States has previously issued several alerts for Djibouti, the Horn of Africa and east Africa generally, warning of increased activity in the region by al-Qaida.

Some information for this report provided by AFP.

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