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Committees Formed To Clear ID Card Seekers Disbanded
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Nairobi, January 26, 2004 (East African Standard) – Committees formed to vet national identity card applicants in North Eastern Province have been disbanded.

The PC, Mr Abdul Mwassserah, accused the teams of clearing foreigners to get the document.

Mwasserah said members including chiefs, were taking bribes to register Ethiopians and Somalis.

He gave the order during a tour with members of the provincial monitoring and evaluation committees after residents complained of delays in processing their papers.

"We have established that the committees have been clearing aliens for even less than Sh3,000," he said.

"The exercise will resume next month after we recruit honest and patriotic members to the vetting committees," he said.

He said 85 per cent of applicants issued with the document last year in Mandera District were foreigners.

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