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The First Somali Police Officers in MPLS
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In what could be an unprecedented step, the Minneapolis police department added the first Somali police officers to serve as part of the city’s growing multi-ethnic police force. The addition came at a time when the Somali community is generally upset with the force’s overall performance in dealing with hate related and minority crimes. Specifically, the agony of two Somali cab drivers who were brutality murdered in Minneapolis just last year is inflicting in the minds of many community members. However it is, the decision is expected to create a mutual understanding between the MPD and the Somali community in Minneapolis.

The new officers, Adam and Ali are suppose to assist the department in dealing with Somali related issues on top of their normal police task. Besides the assistance, the city’s decision to add Somali officers is truly monumental. The most striking part is that the officers are commencing to patrol very soon, and simultaneously undergo the two-year certification training required for police officers.

The city’s new elected police chief, Mr. William McManus who has a robust knowledge of police service promised to further close the gap between the force and the community. McManus is currently the police chief of Dayton, Ohio where he assisted in bringing the police and the community in a closer contact. Before that, he served a deputy chief of Washington D.C police department, where he served over 26 years. Given his impressive experience, Mr. McManus is expected to analyze the Minneapolis police’s struggle with racial profiling and community conflict and work towards shrinking it. Perhaps, the addition of these two officers is part of the city’s long- term strategy to invite more ‘people of a color’ officers into the force. As a result, this step is likely to prompt a positive and mutual understanding between the force and the greater Somali community in the city. And Mr. McManus is sure lucky-enough to arrive at a time when the city decided to head to the right direction. The departuring chief, Mr. Robert Olson has long lacked working method to deal with department challenges.

Many Somalis are yet to forget the brutal murder of two Somali Cab-drivers in Minneapolis last year. Somalis believe that the incidents could have been prevented if the city would have installed the right technology into the taxi vehicles. Furthermore, the community is also aggravated about the way Minneapolis police handled the case of a mentally ill Somali man, Mr.Jeilani who was shot over a dozen times by the police in 2002.

Experts say that adding two Somali Police officers in Minneapolis is aimed at easing the tension between the force and the community. Doubtlessly, this is one step towards the right direction. And if utilized promptly, the Minneapolis police force had already won the psychological feelings of many Somalis. In fact, the African-American community in general is equally excited about this addition and that is yet another step towards the right direction.

On the other hand, having all these opportunities in place, the new police chief, William McManus can relax slightly and tighten this new positive relationship. Instead of investing time in police-community reconciliation, the chief can simply focus on strengthening the existing good will. Weather it’s an appeal to attract Somalis or it’s simply a new era, the addition of two Somali police officers is indeed an up-lifting decision and one that can pave the road for brighter future.


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