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Somali Decision Welcomed
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- Somali Decision Welcomed

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Local Somali welcomes Government's 'wise decision' not to repatriot fellow Somali following UN report

Auckland, 11 February 2004 (NZCity) – The Government's decision not to deport a Somali following a UN report on the situation in his country, is being welcomed.

Abdikarin Ali Haji was about to be put on a plane at Auckland Airport last October when the High Court suspended his deportation.
It said the Government should await a report on the situation in Somalia.

That report says no-one should be sent back there and the Government has given Mr Haji a visa so he can live and work here.

A Somali here says the Government has made a wise decision.

He says negotiations are going on in Somalia that could lead to stable Government in future.


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