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The Self Defeated Colonel
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By Sugal Omer

The so-called suicidal mission of Abdillahi Yusuf of Majerteenia to Las-Anod is very much comparable to someone who pointed a loaded gun to his head to hasten his own demise in broad day light. Remember it was Abdillahi who claimed that he is a great warrior and a giant politician. That was then, a couple of weeks back while entertaining his audience and misguided supporters from the pseudo-administration (maamul goboled) of Majerteenia.

Today, there is no word from the propaganda mouth-piece of Abdillahi Yusuf, the so-called allpuntland.com and other Majeerteen-affiliated websites about the defection of the Minister of Education, Mr. Hassan Mohamoud Dhiilood to Somaliland. Abdillahi is in limbo. He is hiding, his tail between his legs. He doesn’t want anyone to mention his long record of crimes against humanity that he committed against the people of Majerteenia or the very recent murders and mass executions he perpetrated against Somaliland's citizens in Las Anod. The end is clear.

Unlike Abdillahi Yusuf's Majerteenia, Somaliland is a prosperous democracy, a nation of the rule of law, where all the citizens of different Somali clans (Isaq, Samaroon, Issa, Darod, Madhibaan, etc.) agreed to rebuild their country and share both the responsibilities and privileges. Whereas Majerteenia belongs to Majeerteens only, and they use Hartism to advance Majerteen interests and to ethnically cleanse Galkayo and other places inhabited by Haiwye, Dir and non-Harti Darod.

There is no equality among the Majeerteens either. Only Abdillahi Yusuf’s Omer Mahamouds count, while the rest of the Majerteen suffer injustice and political marginalization.

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