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Ahmed Hagi Ali Adami

Chairperson: Somaliland National Electoral Commission

Date: 17 April 2004

The Somaliland observer delegation -consisting of 16 participants from the Somaliland Electoral Commission, the 3 political parties in Somaliland, womenís formations and members of the Somaliland Journalist Association- congratulate the people of South Africa.

As an African delegation from the Horn of Africa, which has just experienced its presidential democratic election (the first since 1968), we are most proud to have been associated with the people of South Africa. It was a landmark occasion. For the first time since 1994, a Somaliland electoral observer delegation has observed a South African election and received accreditation as observers from the South African Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

We thank the IEC, the government of South Africa, our facilitators Dr Chris Landsberg of the prestigious Centre for Policy Studies and the University of South Africa and, the people of South Africa for allowing us to be part of your critical history in the making.

A detailed report of our observations and experiences in consolidating democracy will be made available to the IEC, as well as the various institutions supporting this delegation.

We wish the people of South Africa and the African National Congress the very best for their future. We are confident that South Africa is the democracy capital of Africa.


On voting day, 16th April, and the 15th of April, we note the following:

The 16 observers were deployed to the following areas:
Wierda Park, Centurion
Coblyn Park, Pretoria
IEC Result Centre, Pretoria

Our observers were able to observe voting in 16 polling stations. Observers attended the opening, closing and counting at the polling stations. Polling stations opened on time and voting got underway as planned.

Our delegation members were fortunate to be the only international observers present, when President Thabo Mbeki and Mr. Nelson Mandela casted their votes.

In general the observer delegation concluded that the voting process was systematic, peaceful, free and fair.


For further details, contact the operations center at + 27 82 880 8603
( 082 880 8603 )

More details on Somalilandís experience see:


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