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Issue 119 May 3-9, 2004



- Through Jawahir’s Efforts, Somaliland Gets New Friends In Africa

- Mr. Gunnar Kraft meets with Somaliland organizations
- Jama Yare and Sifir Lobbying For Isak Seats at Nairobi Talks

- ONLF Burns Down Two Trucks Owned By Somalilanders

- Oil Boom In East Africa Predicted

- UK Advises Against Travel To Somaliland


- 'The Children Were Always Having Chest Infections'

International News

- No Entry For Kenyans; Declares Somali
- Faction Leaders Plan Separate Conference in Jowhar

- Somali Students Push For Acceptance

- Old Guard Helps With Flood Recovery In Djibouti

- 6 Killed in Clan Clashes

- Foe Of Somalis In Maine Guilty Of Murder Plot

- Religious Row Over Aid In Somalia

- Learning Language, Happy To Be Here, 'To Save Our Lives'

- Terrorists Could Use Somalia

- Between Somalia And Nigeria

- Worth The Paper It's Written On?

Peace Talks

- Somali Peace Talks Set to Resume


- Bakoko Scoops UN Award

Editorial & Opinions

- Jama Yare, Sifir and Aw Hasan do not represent Somaliland

- ONLF And Al-Itihad, Two Faces Of The Same Coin

- Education Programme

- War Through The Eyes Of Somali Women

- The Poisoning Of Somaliland Politics

- Meet Somalis In The UK

- Jamhuuriya And Its Readers Have Jumped To The Wrong Conclusion

- Government Sponsored Crises In Hargeisa City Council


'The Children Were Always Having Chest Infections'

London, April 26, 2004 (This is London) – Safia Ahmed became a victim when she asked Westminster council for help after fleeing war-torn Somalia.

With three children aged between one and six, she ended up in a 21-storey asbestos-ridden tower block - while good council homes were sold to potential Tory voters.

The block has since been demolished and Mrs. Ahmed and her family have been moved to Pimlico.

But she is bitter after living for a year in a block that was a danger to her health and that of her children.

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Bakoko Scoops UN Award

Kampala, April 26, 2004 (New Vision) – The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Zoe Bakoko Bakoru, has scooped an international award from the UN for the key role she has played in the on-going Somali peace talks.

Others who have scooped the same awards from the UN are Kenyan Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Musyoka who has been chairing the talks, and Prof. Kebira a Kenyan facilitator.

The UN envoy to the region based in Nairobi, gave out the award on behalf of the UN Secretary General, Koffi Annan.

The Ugandan High Commissioner to Kenya, Brig. Matayo Kyaligonza, received the award on behalf of Bakoko.

The UN award was in recognition of Bakoko's role in Embakasi and Eldoret towns, where talks with Somali women groups are likely to result in the formation of the New Unity Somali Government.

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Through Jawahir’s Efforts, Somaliland Gets New Friends In Africa

Johannesburg, April 1, 2004 (SL Times) – Somaliland diplomat Jawahir Mohamed Ali Sheikh Madar has in the last 2 months discussed the issue o Somaliland’s independence and recognition with a number of prominent African leaders, ministers and diplomats.


Last Wednesday, Jawahir met with Zambian foreign minister Kolombo Mwanza.

Also, last Wednesday, Jawahir was at a party thrown in honor of former Zambian President, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, on the occasion of his birthday. The party was attended by former South African President, Nelson Mandela, Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki, Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo, Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni, Mozambican President, Joaquim Chissano, King of Swaziland, Mswati III, South Africa's first lady, Mrs. Mbeki, late ANC leader Oliver Tambo’s widow, South African Vice President, Jacob Zuma, and many other prominent dignitaries.

“It was a unique opportunity to make contacts and spread information about Somaliland,” Jawahir said.


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Mr. Gunnar Kraft Meets with Somaliland Organizations

Forumsyd A Swedish Bilateral Aid organization

Mr. Gunnar Kraft on Thursday 22 April 04 met with Somaliland’s organizations in Sweden at forumsyd premises at Katarinavägen 20 in Stockholm.

Somaliland’s organizations from all over Sweden were well represented. Amongst those present were Mr. Hussein Abyan Wadadyare who is Somaliland’s top representative in Sweden, Mr. Mohamud Abdulahi Elmi (Abokodh) chairman of Somalilandsriks Organization in Sweden and Mr. Abdirashid Omar who is The Chairman of Somaliland’s organization in Stockholm.

Forumsyd Representative that came back from a fact finding mission to Somaliland praised Somaliland’s Non Governmental organizations especially the organizations of Nagaad and Kasongo.

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Jama Yare And Sifir Lobbying For Isak Seats AT Nairobi Talks

Nairobi, May 1, 2004 (SL Times) – Two Somalilanders attending the Nairobi peace talks are campaigning for the inclusion of 80 people as representatives of the Isaak clan to the conference.

Jama Mohamed Qalib (Jama Yare) and Mohamud A. Jama (Sifir) have petitioned the talks’ mediator, Ambassador Bethuel Kiplagat, to allow an Isaak delegation to participate in the third phase of the Somali reconciliation conference which is being held in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

On March 22, the two men formed a committee assigned with the task of organizing a Isaak delegation. However, the proposal for the allocation of seats for Isaak representatives has met opposition from many in the so-called 366 official delegates already taking part in the talks.

The talks which have been dogged by wrangles over the selection of future parliamentarians are scheduled to resume on May 6, 2004.

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ONLF Burns Down Two Trucks Owned By Somalilanders

Hargeisa, May 1, 2004 (SL Times) – The Ogaden National Liberation Front’s militia set to flames two trucks owned by Somalilanders at Fiq area in Ethiopia’s autonomous regional Somali state. The two vehicles, a 24 ton Nissan UD and a Hino ZY were rented to carry goods, mainly food items such a sugar, rice and oil to Fiq.

The Nissan UD was still loaded while the Hino was discharged of its load when ONLF militiamen stopped the two vehicles at a point between the two villages of Fayan Jawo and Haaro-Dhagax located near Fiq on April 25, 2004.

According to the two drivers, Abdi Mohamed Banyah and Ahmed Hussein (Jiis), the armed men drew out about 20lts of fuel from each vehicle. “Then they placed wood under and above each vehicle and set them on fire,” Ahmed Hussein said.

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Oil Boom In East Africa Predicted

Jeevan Vasagar in Nairobi

Nairobi, April 29, 2004 (The Guardian) – Africa’s Indian Ocean coast is poised to become a new source of oil and gas on the continent, according to a US oil industry expert whose firm has been carrying out satellite and geological surveys of the region.

West Africa, which supplies the US with 15% of its oil imports, has been the traditional focus for oil exploration on the continent.

But in an interview published on the US State Department's website, oil firm director Chris Machette-Downes said: "East Africa is very likely to become one of the hottest oil exploration frontiers in the next few years."


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UK Advises Against Travel To Somaliland

Still Current at: 1 May 2004

Updated: 23 March 2004



We advise against all travel to Somalia including Somaliland.

A Kenyan woman working for a German Government aid organization was shot dead in Somaliland in an ambush on the Hargeisa-Berbera Road, on 19 March. No motive has been established for the attack. The European Commission and many international NGOs are pulling their expatriate staff out of Somaliland. The UN is evacuating all but a minimum of essential staff from Somaliland.

We advise British nationals currently in Somaliland to consider leaving. If they decide to stay, they should restrict their movements to Hargeisa, stay in doors, keep themselves informed of developments and take precautions, until the security situation becomes clearer.

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International News

No Entry For Kenyans; Declares Somali

Mogadishu, April 29, 2004 (KBC) – The deputy governor of Hiiraan Region central Somalia, Abdullahi Ali Koof, Wednesday in a press statement issued from the headquarters of the region's administration in Beled Weyne town, said the Hiiraan administration has decided to ban all Kenyan passport holders from entering the region.

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Faction Leaders Plan Separate Conference in Jowhar

Nairobi, April 29, 2004 (IRIN) – A group of faction leaders who abandoned the current Somali peace talks in Kenya have said they will hold a separate conference inside Somalia to discuss peace in the war-torn country instead of returning to Nairobi as requested by regional mediators.

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Somali Students Push For Acceptance

By Patricia Drey, The Minnesota Daily, April 29, 2004

Somali students — a growing group on campus — shared food, music and art on Northrop Plaza on Wednesday, with the hope they could teach others more about their culture.


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Old Guard Helps With Flood Recovery In Djibouti

A humvee carrying Old Guard soldiers gushes through pools of water on what was, just days before, a barren Djiboutian City road.

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6 Killed in Clan Clashes

Nairobi, April 27, 2004 (The East African Standard) – Six people, including a 58-year-old woman, were at the weekend killed following renewed clashes between two rival Somali clans in Mandera district.

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Foe Of Somalis In Maine Guilty Of Murder Plot

CHICAGO, April 27, 2004 (Portland Press Herald) — White supremacist leader Matthew Hale, who helped organize an anti-Somali gathering in Maine last year, was convicted Monday of trying to have a federal judge killed.

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Religious Row Over Aid In Somalia

Mogadishu, April 22, 2004 (BBC) – Thousands of Somalis have marched through streets in Mogadishu protesting at what they say is an attempt by aid agencies to spread Christianity.

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Learning Language, Happy To Be Here, 'To Save Our Lives'

Nashville, April 26, 2004 (Middle Tennessee News & Information) – Fatuma Adan and her husband, Musa Matan, were farmers in Somalia until war and ethnic strife caused them to flee.


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Terrorists Could Use Somalia

Washington, Apr. 29 (Washington Times & UPI) -- The U.S. State Department's annual terror report Thursday praised African nations for their role in the "war on terror," but noted some weaknesses.

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Between Somalia And Nigeria

THIS DAY On-line, letters, 29 April 2004

No doubt, the spate of political violence and killings in the country has now assumed alarming proportions. From isolated events or happenings a few years ago, it has grown exponentially to make newspaper headlines every now and then.


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Worth The Paper It's Written On?

NAIROBI, April 28 (IPS) - In the latest attempt to curb the circulation of small arms in Africa, foreign affairs ministers and other representatives from eleven countries signed a protocol on weapons control recently in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. But, the jury is still out on whether this initiative really has the ingredients for success.


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Daallo Airlines Flies You Everywhere



Editorial & Opinions

Jama Yare, Sifir and Aw Hasan Do Not Represent Somaliland

Individuals such as Jama Mohamed Ghalib (Jama Yare) , Mohamud A. Jama (Sifir) and Aw Hassan who recently wrote to Mr. Kiplagat, the Kenyan mediator of the Somali reconciliation conference at Nairobi, that they be allowed to attend the 3rd phase of the talks as representatives of the Isak clan, have only made themselves the laughing stock of the Somaliland people. These are people who after failing in Somaliland's politics chose to flee the country and live abroad. Instead of figuring out why they failed in Somaliland's politics and correcting their mistakes, they embarked on a disgraceful anti-Somaliland campaign aimed at undermining the country’s independence. Hence, their latest clumsy attempt of begging Mr. Kiplagat to recognize them as representatives of the Isak has hardly come as a surprise to anyone in Somaliland.

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ONLF And Al-Itihad, Two Faces Of The Same Coin


The Chairman of the Ogaden National Liberation Front, Mr. Mohamed Omer Osman, in an interview with the BBC’s Somali service in December 2003, had openly called upon his followers to take reprisals against nomads living in Ethiopia’s autonomous Somali state that share a common lineage with clans in Somaliland.


Mr. Osman, a former Admiral in dictator Siyad Barre’s Navy, was at the time reacting to the arrest by the Somaliland authorities of 34 Eritrean-trained ONLF combatants between Nov 29 and Dec 1, 2003 (See The Somaliland Times Dec 6, 2003 edition). A number of Isak men were reportedly killed in separate incidents by ONLF insurgents following the incitement message conveyed in Somali through the BBC by Mr. Osman last December.


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Psychology Of Education

Emotional Development

By: Ahmed Isse Jama (Gade), Regional Education Inspector

What are Emotions?

“Emotions” are outward expressions of inner feelings which are aroused by one's behavior or that of other. At the same time emotions lead to behavior towards oneself and towards others.

B. Which are the signs of emotional expressions among pupils?
Pleasure may be expressed in the form of smiles, play, laughing, tickling, elation, humor, zest, etc.

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War Through The Eyes Of Somali Women

28 Apr 2004

A new book on Somalia’s brutal conflict, which hit headlines in 1992 when U.S. troops landed in Mogadishu to lead an ill-fated intervention to restore peace, gives voice to Somali women’s experience of the war.


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The Poisoning Of Somaliland Politics

By: Ahmed M. I. Egal

Since the extremely narrow UDUB victory in the Presidential elections a year ago in April 2003, the political scene in Somaliland has become increasingly polarized and more partisan to the point that there is no longer any dialogue between the government and the opposition party of Kulmiye, but instead the exchange of abuse and name calling. This trade in invective and slander is also apparent, to an even more reckless degree, among the supporters of both the government and Kulmiye as is evidenced by the increasingly acerbic and abusive missives posted on the Somaliland websites.


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Meet Somalis In The UK

By Mohamed Mukhtar Ibrahim, London

Somalis are the poorest and newest community in Britain. Somalis made up the largest number of refugee applicants in the UK last year. They are the highest unemployed community in this country. It seems that there just aren't enough negative superlatives left to describe Somalis.


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Jamhuuriya And Its Readers Have Jumped To The Wrong Conclusion

By: Ahmed Ali Aden, Birmingham, UK

My recent article about Jamhuuriya has generated a reaction from Jamhuuriya readers who live many different places around the world. While many of them have opted to send their reactions directly to me instead of posting their reply to the Somaliland websites, many others preferred to show their responses publicly and have put their angry articles on various websites.


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Government Sponsored Crises In Hargeisa City Council

By: Osman Adam, Toronto, Canada

Promoted by the minister of Interior with the tacit approval of his boss, President Rayale, the continuing crises among the members of the City Council of Hargeisa in addition to bringing the city business to complete halt, is tearing the community apart. But more importantly this is jeopardizing our effort of trying to Cox out political recognition from the world community.


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Peace Talks

Somali Peace Talks Set to Resume

Nairobi, April 28, 2004 (The Nation) – The final phase of the Somali peace talks to install a new government by July 1 resume on Friday.

Kenya has been chairing the talks under the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development for the past two years. Some 203 delegates start arriving on Friday, ahead of the Igad foreign ministers meeting on May 6, according to a statement from the Foreign Affairs ministry.

Foreign Affairs minister Kalonzo Musyoka is asking the delegates to show more commitment to the process than they did during the first two phases.

It is the fourteenth time the talks are being held on Kenyan soil, this marks the third and final phase of the Somali National Reconciliation conference.

"Phase I and II have been successfully completed inspite of financial and logistical problems among other constraints," said Mr Musyoka in a statement.

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