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Somaliland Seeks Uganda's Help
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- Somaliland Seeks Uganda's Help

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Peace Talks

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- Hotel Throws Out Somali Delegates

- Somali Delegates Threatened With Eviction

Editorial & Opinions

- Demonstration

- Charcoal Production In Somaliland With Emphasis On Export And Cross Border Movement

- Somaliland Should Ban the Somalia Passport

- When Mouths Fail To Quiver

Kampala, May 20, 2004 (The Monitor) – A Somaliland opposition leader
is seeking President Yoweri Museveni's intervention in rebuilding the
country. The country broke away from the main Republic of Somalia in

Faysal Ali Warabe to Museveni and his government to offer Somaliland
student scholarships for higher education, export skilled manpower
and developmental experts, and building the health sector in the

The chairman of the opposition Justice and Welfare party, said since
the 1991 independence, Somaliland has never got any recognition from
the international community.

"We are asking President Yoweri Museveni to sell us to the
international community, especially the African Union and the
Commonwealth. We are a lost child of the commonwealth and we have to
be taken back," Faysal said.

He was speaking to the press at Speke Hotel. Faysal said they are
particularly interested in Museveni because he is currently the IGAD

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