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Somali Delegates Threatened With Eviction
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- Somali Delegates Threatened With Eviction

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Nairobi, May 20, 2004 (The East African Standard) – The Kenya College of Communications Technology in Nairobi yesterday threatened to evict Somali delegates for non-payment of Sh154 million.

The move follows a trail of debts the delegates have left behind. At Sirikwa Hotel in Eldoret they incurred a bill of more than Sh400 million, while at 680 Hotel they were kicked out last Saturday over a Sh100 million debt.

The Inter-Governmental Authority on Development delegates have been using the institution's facilities for the past 15 months to host the peace talks.

The move is expected to jolt Igad's Inter Ministerial Committee talks scheduled for this afternoon in Nairobi.

Somali warlords will be expected to make a landmark decision over the matter.

KCCT Director Isaac Bondet said their facilities had been stretched to the limit from hosting 286 delegates.

"Many of our suppliers have withdrawn credit facilities to us due to non-payment. We are unable to continue providing services to the delegates until substantial amount is settled," said Bondet.
He said the college had incurred expenses amounting to Sh6 million per week.

He said the college had spent Sh3.2 million on security and Sh3 million on medical expenses.

Bondet, who appealed to the government to address the problem, said the talks had taken a heavy toll on the college.

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