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BBC-Backed Meeting Of Puntland Journalists Flops
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- BBC-Backed Meeting Of Puntland Journalists Flops

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Boosaaso, 16 June (Radio Midnimo) The journalists' meeting which began on 15 June at Hotel Huruuse in Boosaaso [in the autonomous region of Puntland, northeastern Somalia] has collapsed and failed to go beyond its first day.

The aim of the meeting was to create a union to represent Puntland journalists.

It collapsed after differences emerged between the participants who were drawn from all the media outlets in Puntland.

The BBC training department had provided a small amount of money to fund the creation of the union.

The head of the BBC [World Service] Trust [project for Somalia], Mr Chris Greene, attended the meeting, but left this morning on a flight out of Boosaaso Airport after he was informed that things had failed.
Some of the journalists who attended the meeting - such as the Radio Codka Nabada [Radio Voice of Peace] reporter, reporters from Mudug Region and others from Radio Laascaanood - left today for their respective regions.

There are several reasons for the failure of the meeting, including mistrust harboured by some journalists against the organizing committee which has been in charge of the process for a long time.
There are other groups who say they have funds from the Dia Konia agency [a German NGO], which is much more than the BBC budget for the workshop. [Passage omitted]

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