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The End Game Of Somalia’s Unruly War Lords
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By Farah Ali Jama, Ottawa, Canada.

An English proverb states that, “that has a beginning has an ending,” while a Somali proverb with a similar meaning states that, “in the end, flowing water gathers at a depressed surface.” This relates to the ongoing 14-year old civil war and the prevailing state of anarchy in Somalia, which to some point, it too, must come to an end like all other things that has a beginning and an ending. In fact, nothing in this world, whether living or non-living things are eternal except the Almighty God.

Therefore, the ongoing one and a half year old so-called Somalia Peace Conference at Nairobi, Kenya, the 15th of its kind and the longest in the history of Mankind, denotes the beginning of the end of this irrational conference. Moreover, the opening of Phase III, the final stage of the conference marks the beginning of the end game of Somalia’s unruly War Lords and their cohorts. This means that it will be the end of the usual raw power exercised against the innocent people of Somalia by the TNG/ARTA Faction and Warlord Abdi Qasim Salaad, Puntland and War Lord Abdillahi Yusuf, SRRC and War Lord Hussein Aidid and others, RRA and War Lords Shatigaduud and Sheikh Madoobe, JUBA VALLEY and War Lord Bare Hiraale and others, and so on.
Furthermore, the predatory War Lords who used to boast to have defeated and driven off the UN Peace Keepers, US Marines, International Aid Organizations, and other NGO’s who in the 1990’s intervened in Somalia on a humanitarian ground in order to save their people who were, at the time, at the brink of mass starvation, mass slaughter, and possible annihilation are now faced with the daunting task of how to patch together the fabric of the society they tore apart, how to resurrect the government they destroyed, and how to bring back into the family of nations the very country they plunged into anarchy and misery. These War Lords are faced with the formidable task of nation building, something they have no experience of since their expertise lies in the field of nation destruction, which is the easier part. Also, they are currently facing numerous challenges, obstacles, uncertainties, and are for the first time scared of what the future will bring. What they are truly scared of is the outcome of the conference and the monster they are about to create, which will certainly seal their fate and that of their tribes.

The War Lords know very well that they have not reconciled even one bit since they did not tackle or discuss the root causes of the civil war and anarchy and how best to reverse it. In fact, in all of the 15 so called Somalia Peace Conferences, they have not discussed issues such as the ongoing ethnic cleansing and how to put an end to these barbarous crimes against humanity, how to resettle the victims and heal their wounds or compensate them, the return of lands seized and the looted properties, the heavily armed tribal militias and how to disarm them, and so on. Instead of tackling these issues first, the power hungry War Lords and their conference facilitators and financiers were only interested with how to share the power of the dream interim government to be formed on clan or tribal basis. That is all they have been doing all along! Even the Constitution, which they approved without the consultation or input of the people of Somalia, was entirely written by foreigners who have other agendas and interests.

All in all, whatever that emerges out of this illogic conference, whether it is for good or ill, is entirely up to the people of Somalia and their War Lords. However, it is important to note that Somaliland is a different country and should therefore not be confused with the anarchic Somalia. Furthermore, the people and government of Somaliland were not party to any of these 15 conferences held for Somalia since they do not concern them and would not like to be dragged to other people’s problems, civil wars, reconciliation efforts, and the internal affairs of other countries.
Moreover, the people of Somaliland have paid dearly with their blood the illegitimate unity with Somalia coupled by the log dead dream of “Greater Somalia.” Somaliland has liberated their country from that nightmarish unity as well as from the fascistic military regime of dictator Siyad Bare, reconciled on their own without the financial and technical support of the international community, have sealed their peace by extending general amnesty to its enemies (supporters of the ousted regime), restored its lost independence in 1991, held a national referendum with a 97% Yes vote in favor of the Constitution and independence of their nation, have a functioning and a democratic government, where the rule of law is the norm; have created a multi party system, held a fair and free local government and presidential elections, is currently preparing to hold the parliamentary elections, and looking forward to international recognition and to join the family of nations. That is the state of affairs of Somaliland, which should not be confused with the anarchic Somalia.
Therefore, whatever the outcome of the 15th so called Somalia Peace Conference, which will certainly be the concoction of a witches brew by the Marauding Warlords and their cohorts such as the IGAD, which is nothing but a recipe for further disaster and destruction can not by any means be imposed on the people of Somaliland and the democratic Republic of Somaliland.

The people of Somaliland will fiercely confront any individual, foreign power or organization that attempts to endanger its citizens, national aspirations, and interest. And no foreign power or organization will ever succeed to covertly or overtly drag us in the affairs of a failed state that is controlled by a bunch of bloodthirsty Warlords, many of whom are known war criminals such as General Morgan best known as “the butcher of Hargeisa” and his likes who have in the past committed barbarous, fascistic, genocidal, and other crimes against humanity against the innocent people of Somaliland particularly women and children as well as committing atrocities against their own people in Somalia particularly against the unarmed minorities such as the Barwanis, Jareers, Bajunis, Tunis, Digil and Mirifle, Gabooye, and others. These War Lords have no sense of humanity, they are affront to the conscience of humanity, and they certainly do not deserve to be afforded with political legitimacy and leadership role and by doing so is like giving them the license to continue executing their ethnic cleansing policies against innocent civilians and generate the burden of refugees to other countries. The people of Somaliland and their government strongly rejects these fake conferences, the War Lords who participate in them, and their country of Somalia.

Overall, “that has a beginning has an end,” and make no mistake for the gallant people of Somaliland will stand up to any challenge against their people, their hard worn independence, and the national and territorial integrity of “Maandeeq,” their beloved motherland. And if I may borrow the words of Paul Martin, the Prime Minister of Canada, Somaliland will stand on its own; will prosper, and be independent from Somalia, “come hell or come high water.” And let those who understand take heed!

Victory, liberty and independence at any cost.

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