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No Honor Among Theives
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- No Honor Among Theives


By Maxamed Ibrahim

"These are my principles; and if you do not like them, I have other principles" Groucho Marx.

I have read with fascination the interview with Mr Buubaa, regarding his latest get rich quick scheme to become president in exile of Somalia. Mr Buubaa's optimism is charming. It would be better placed, however, if his views, aims and aspirations were at least in some way connected with reality. Mr Buubaa sees himself as the next president of Somalia. This is an interesting claim, given that he does not and cannot represent the peoples of Somaliland and Somalia. In this grandiose scheme he is, in fact, engaged on a fraudulent criminal enterprise. He seeks to gain goods and services (the Somali presidency ) by deception. It is too far fetched to imagine that anything of value can emerge from that congregation of wandering minstrels, currently convened in Mpaghati.They speak of unity an harmony for Somalia, but the only unity and harmony on display in Mpaghati is when the delegates assemble to sing "Soomaaliyeey Toosoo". It is a tragic fact of current Somali “politics” that grumbles about the catering aside; only the singing displays any unity of purpose. Mr Buubaa claims that the regime he intends to conjure up from thin air will be extended, by some feat of legerdemain, to include what he defines as "the northern territories".

He also makes the extraordinary assertion that there is a debate raging in Somaliland, regarding reunion with Somalia. This is a fallacy, wrapped in untruth, concealed in a lie. No such debate exists. The fact that Mr Buubaa thinks that there is such debate proves nothing more than that his delusions know no frontiers and give rise to serious speculation that he does, in fact, inhabit a parallel universe – one where normal laws of political cause and effect do not apply.

Moreover, the self-elected president in exile fails to appreciate that the people of Somaliland want no truck with failed politicians, either from Somaliland or Somalia. The idea that the flag of "national unity" could come from Mogadishu to embrace Hargeisa is utterly laughable. Somaliland might have known only five days of independence before its regrettable union with Somalia, but now that the people have wrested back their freedom and worked hard to establish their own institutions and to bring peace and freedom to their land: only the most foolish of Somalilanders, would even for a split second, allow the merest possibility of a speculation of a thought of re-uniting with Somalia to cross their minds. It might be true that the leadership of Somaliland has not gained international recognition, but it is clear that they command the overwhelming support of their people and are a far truer representation of political thought in Somaliland than Mr Buubaa is – or could ever hope to be.

The people of Somaliland are anxious to rebuild their country and their way of life. They do not want another failed politician – even one hailing from Somaliland – whose sole intention is to create chaos and undermine what the people have worked so hard to achieve. Mr Buubaa, in common with all other self-appointed
leaders, intellectuals and presidential candidates, of which there are many, cannot impose order on Somalia. Despite the misplaced sponsorship of the United Nations and IGAD, Mr Buubaa has neither the ability, nor the authority to rein in the feuding militias or to bring "unity" to Somalia. The outside world is of the opinion that events in Somalia are in some way connected to politics. This cannot be reconciled with the reality of life in Somalia where the imperatives that drive the militias are not political – but matters merely of criminality. It is surely, a first in international diplomacy, to organise a conference so that disparate groups of common criminals can reconcile their alleged differences. Even if such a government were to be concocted in Mpaghati, that administration runs the risk of being homeless, for I gather that the hoteliers and businessmen of Mogadishu, who have suffered so greatly from their support for the Arta group, having been once bitten, are understandably twice shy.

Indeed, one would imagine that having participated in the debacle that was the arta government, Mr Buubaa would be reluctant to involve him self in yet another fiasco. It is not clear, however, that Mr Buubaa has actually, yet realised, that government was a disaster for ordinary Somalis – given that it treacherously cooperated with the governments of the Arabian Gulf when they acted to ban the imports of Somali livestock on entirely spurious grounds.

Mr Buubaa explains that any shortcomings of the Arta government can be justified by the fact that the gathering of thieves and human leeches did not know each other adequately. This is a unique explanation of the otherwise not unoriginal fact, that there is no honor among thieves. Mr Buubaa shows touching naiveté – in his innocent belief – that this time around the thieves will be able to share the loot equally.

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