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ISSUE 53 January 25, 2003

Somalia Peace Talks Mediator Denies BBC Report


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Somalia Peace Talks Mediator Denies BBC Report

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Nairobi (SL Times): A last evening news report by the BBC Somali section’s Hassan Barisle that in effect said the Eldoret conference passed a resolution demanding the participation of Somaliland in the talks, has been denied by the Kenyan mediator of the peace process, Mr. Bethwel Kiplagat.

According to a statement by a Somaliland foreign ministry spokesman last night, Mr. Kiplagat has dismissed the contents of the news report as baseless.

The government and people of the Republic of Somaliland have constantly maintained that they had nothing to do with the talks since their country was an independent sovereign state. However delegates of warlord Abdillahi Yusuf attending the conference have been claiming during the last few days that IGAD has agreed to bring Somaliland into the Eldoret process.

Majerteniya’s warlord Abdillahi Yusuf was quoted by IRIN as saying if the Administration in Somaliland refuses to participate then the people should be invited.

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