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ISSUE 53 January 25, 2003

Silanyo Is Our Hope


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Silanyo Is Our Hope

Hamsa S. Yusuf

I just wanted to post a response, though it really seems unnecessary since true facts always speak for themselves, to the two views expressed by the UDUB Norway representative and "Dhmbill" who support Mr. Rayale. The notion of free will and individual rights of man espoused by thinkers from Voltaire to Rousseau have theoretically been present in the European tradition for a long time. The birth of the modern state as an entity in of itself was a direct consequence of this period of enlightenment under which the despotic rulers of Europe were made to change. This fledgling little country of ours is at a crucial period is its metamorphosis. In fact so delicate are the current geo-political and internal shifts of power that its very survival depends on a safe and trusted pair of hands at the helm. Mr. Ahmed Silanyo is just such candidate. Mr. Dhimbiil himself acknowledges that "the last chairman of the Somaliland National Movement and commander in chief of the military forces that liberated this country, Ahmed Mohammed Mahamoud ‘Silanyo’ presided over the destruction of tyranny and lead what I believe will be an event to be celebrated for generations to come."

Mr. Rayale is simply in the position he is through sheer luck and grace of God. In any other situation based on merit, education, history or any other criteria by which national leaders are judged he would not succeed. Let’s face it people. If we are to take our rightful place among the international community of states, we need leaders that can put our "best foot forward." Mr. Ahmed Silanyo has performed at every level. He has been in the corridors of power from Washington to Beijing and has slept in the wilderness under trees with his people to liberate them from Siad’s forces. He has made peace amongst us, he has represented us to the world, he has always been a man of his word and he has proven time and time again that he believes in the democratic process. As recent public revelations have illustrated, the incumbent President, Mr. Rayale, will also have to answer for his criminal culpability in the genocidal crimes committed against our brothers and sisters in the very recent history. It is not a baseless accusation but a damning indictment of a very serious nature. Cathartic development in our country rests upon daring to look truth in the face. 

On a more practical level, the current administration’s tenure has been further extended. For all the ideological debates and views on suitability of various candidates, if the current government is allowed to retain total control of the means and assets of government it CANNOT be a fair election. Why are people so mute on this point? We, the people, demand that our government abides by rules of fairness and transparency and allows crucial portfolios to be governed in a more inclusive manner. They are a political party NOT a government. But they must remember above all that they are only one party, the nation has chosen two other parties besides it. The will of the people must be heard.

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