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Issue 61 March 22, 2003

Somalia And Survival In The Shadow Of The Global Economy (Part 4)

Special Guest Writer for the Somaliland Times, Prof. William Reno, Northwestern University

[Continued from the previous issue]

"An official from London charged with charting a development plan for the colony in the 1950s complained that the local administration actually resisted the whole notion of economic development."

"As a result, the traditional attitudes of pastoral Somali society were even more strongly entrenched in the north, while the south, by contrast, appeared in many respects more modernist in outlook."

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"UDUB and KULMIYE Candidates are Sides of the Same Coin" - Faysal Ali Warabe, UCID Party Candidate for President

Hargeisa (SL Times): UCID party presidential candidate, Faysal A. Warabe told supporters on Thursday that voters should bear in mind how both his rival contenders from UDUB and KULMIYE parties, in the next April 14 Presidential election, served in the past Egal Administration.

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Silanyo Urges Support for Somaliland Poll

"If the international community could give a fraction of those resources to help the election system in Somaliland, that would be worthwhile, and I am sure the world would be very proud of what we are doing."

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Best Cereal Production For Years In South

NAIROBI, 17 Mar 2003 (IRIN) - A food security watchdog says southern Somalia has recorded the best cereal production in years, due to good seasonal rains.

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Fiction: Lupe’s Sister
A short story

"She made the motion suddenly with her free hand. It was like an ax blow."

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International News
Kenya To Hand Over Al-Qaida Suspect To U.S. Courts

"The man, who has not been named, was apprehended Tuesday from his hospital bed in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, which lies next to Kenya."

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UDUB Reception in Washington DC

The Somaliland community in the metropolitan Washington DC had a reception on March 15, 2003 to support UDUB.

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Drug - The Double Edged Knife

Mohamed H. Dahir (Chairman, Pharmaceutical Association Of Somaliland)

This is an article for people. It is an attempt to dispel the secrecy, which surrounds medical treatment today. People are fed up with being treated as objects by doctors who often do not care about, or can’t discuss in easy-to-understand language, the medicines they prescribe. Instead of encouraging their patients to actively participate in their treatment, many doctors prefer to keep their patients in ignorance. "Take as directed" is often the most information patients receive about the chemicals they are expected to put in their bodies.

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Peace Talks
Essy Express Concern On the Situation in Somalia

Addis Ababa, March 21, 2003 (Addis Tribune) The Interim Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union, Amara Essy, expressed his concern over the reported violations of the Declaration of Cessation of Hostilities signed on the 27th October 2002, in Eldoret, Kenya, by all the Somali Leaders attending the Somalia National Reconciliation Conference, the African Union Said in a statement.

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Billy Connolly in an African Hospital


The 200-bed hospital in Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland, is a huge, rambling colonial building. The little equipment it has is from another era. It's the hospital time forgot. This is a place in the grip of grinding poverty, a place where people living on the edge often go over it. And every day adults and children die needlessly because of a lack of the most basic of resources. This documentary will tell real stories of life and death and see how Comic Relief money is helping people come back from the edge of existence. 

As Billy says, this is not a "Feel good Nicey Nicey Film."

By donating to Comic Relief, you can help improve people's health in Somaliland: find out how.

Comic Relief, registered charity 326568

Editorial & Opinion
Are They After Sadam or Islam?

Saddam Hussein is a ruthless dictator whose regime has committed widespread atrocities against the Iraqi people. In Somaliland, Saddam reminds most people of another dictator - Mohamed Siyad Barre - who also committed similar crimes against the civilian population here when his army ruled this country as an occupying force during the eighties.

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Cruel War? No, This Is to Help You

Lawrence James, The Independent

"A dominant power’s authority rests on a monopoly of modern weaponry and the will to use it ruthlessly."

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Tribute To Mothers

Dr. Maryam Hassan

Those of you who still have your mothers with you, this is something to ponder and to witness as your life unfolds. Those of you who, no longer have your mothers with you, this may be something that sparks a memory for you. Those of you who are mothers, this is something for you to think about as you move through life with your children. 

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Open Letter To Ahmed Mohamed ‘Siilanyo’

A. M. Ali Hashi "Dhimbiil"

Sir, my name is Dhimbiil and I am a patriot of Somaliland. I believe in writing to our leaders about my country whenever I feel the Republic is undergoing difficult times.

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Somaliland Votes On April 14

Somaliland Forum Press Release

The citizens of a country that ostensibly does not exist will, nevertheless, go to the polls on April 14, 2003 for nationwide elections. A nation that is on few radar screens will choose a new leader and could see its fourth peaceful transition of power since its creation in 1991.

Elections in this fledging nation represent an exercise in democracy largely unseen in Africa. Without bullets or coercion, voters will take part in presidential and legislative elections in a country where the rule of law is paramount. 

The upcoming vote comes on the heels of successful local elections held in Somaliland last December and will mark the first time any current or former citizens of the failed state of Somalia cast a free ballot to choose their leaders in more than three decades. 

Somaliland, a haven of stability in the Horn of Africa, declared its independence from Somalia in 1991 and has sought international recognition ever since. Over 12 years, the country has flourished. 

Somaliland boasts a market-driven economy, buoyed by increasing levels of external investment; an education system reaching tertiary level; healthcare facilities that draw patients from across East Africa; a Constitution affirmed in a national referendum; and, perhaps most importantly in a region wracked by strife, a peaceful and civil society.

The story of Somaliland is a compelling one.

Shouldn’t your readers hear about it?

To assist media organizations in covering Somaliland’s upcoming elections, please find attached backgrounders on the main political parties contesting the election and relevant Web sites for further information.

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