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The Achievements of Hargeisa University Since March
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Abdirahman Ahmed Shunuf, Administrator of Hargeisa University

During the month and half that I was the administrator at the University of Hargeisa, one of my main objectives was to link the university to the Diaspora community. As we all know, Hargeisa university came into being three years ago through the endless and tireless efforts of the Diaspora with the help of the Government and community. The staff and students appreciate the work that has been done by our extended family outside the country.

The new Administration came into being in the middle of March 2003. In the very short period of time, we achieved the following: 
  1. Established a fast Internet service (the fastest in the country).
  2. Created a network system with a server that can connect 200 computers.
  3. Sorted out and catalogued 12,000 new textbooks donated by the Somaliland community in Abu Dubai.
  4. Created a new computer networking service.
  5. Negotiated $100,000 university fence with UNHCR.
  6. Agreed on the establishment of legal aid office with UNDP assistance.
  7. Allowed the training of Somaliland judges for six months at University with UNDP.
  8. Took a trip to Jig-Jiga to raise funds for the university.
  9. Contacted Zuhuura and solidified partial agreement with her.
  10. Contacted (Hapitat) to take part in a new urban planning research.
  11. Contacted Portland State University (USA) to develop a student exchange program.
  12. Contacted ex-peace corps to visit and teach at the university.
  13. Contacted outside groups to raise funds. 

Our next projects include the following:

  • New fence for the School.
  • Rehabilitation of three two story buildings (Needed as Dormitories) 
  • Extension of the computer lab so hundreds of students can use it.
  • Make sure our Financial Account is transparent by: 
    1. Hiring an outside Auditor.
    2. Publishing Monthly statement on the Internet.

We want to finish these projects during the summer of this year, therefore we are pleased to inform those who are considering a visit the motherland for the next four months to come and visit our campus by teaching a course, offering a seminar, sharing new data or ideas with the students, doing research, or just chatting.

Once again we want to thank our extended family for what they have done for the past few years.

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