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Words From a Somalilander in Diaspora on May 18th Anniversary
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- Words From a Somalilander in Diaspora on May 18th Anniversary

On Sunday, May 18, 2003, Somalilanders, celebrated the 12th anniversary of our reclaiming of our independence. I urge all Somalilanders, whether in Diaspora or at home, to take a few moments and pay homage to those who fought and lost their lives for our freedom and independence. Take a moment to conceptualize the importance of this day. Take a moment to honor those who gave their lives for Somaliland to become a free nation once more. Please pause for a moment to commemorate the valor and sacrifice of those Somalilanders who were massacred, tortured, and those who died on the battlefield. Remember their patriotic actions and unselfish sacrifice. Remember and honor their wishes, and stand up for the rights of all Somalilanders so that their death will not be in vain. 

Remember why we are celebrating this day. Let us stand united and strong in our commitment to our self-determination. Let us show the world that our resolve and determination to maintain the independence of Somaliland cannot be shaken. Remember, there is no freedom without a price, and we have paid dearly for ours.

Finally, please join me in reading the "Fataxa" and in asking Almighty Allah to shower his mercy on the souls of our martyrs. 

Long live Somaliland, our blessed nation.

In Solidarity,
Hassan Mogeh Hirsi, Los Angeles, California, USA

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