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May 1988
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- May 1988

Suleiman Mohamoud (smohamoud@hotmail.com

‘Those who don’t learn from history are forced to repeat it.’ Anonymous

We are in the month of May. This month is a memorable month in the history of Somaliland. The end of Siyad Barre’s regime and consequently the return of the people of Somaliland from refugee camps to their wholly liberated country.

The most depressing thing to any sincere Somali Lander is to see that the men who were the vanguard of the liberation of Somali Land are today labeled ‘traitors’ to the cause of Somaliland. One of the talking heads even had the audacity to say ‘they must prove that they are for the qaranimada Somaliland’. Adduunyada nin ku noolow maxaa aragti kuu laaban.

Worse yet, do you know who is making this charge? It is men like Qaybe, Ismail Yare, H. Abdi Waraabe and Rayale. The same men who were on the other side in May 1988 when the liberation of Somaliland has begun in earnest.

The answer to the following question will reveal without a doubt the hypocrisy of these men: Where were Qaybe, Ismail Yare, H. Abdi Waraabe and Riyale in that fateful month of May 1988? And where were Muj. Ahmed Sillanyo, Muj. Abdirahman Aw Ali Farah, Muj. Ibrahim Dhegaweyne, Muj. Mohamed Kahin and Muj. Muse Biixi in May 1988? 

The above-mentioned Mujaahidiin were literally struggling to free Somaliland from Qaybe, Ismail Yare, H. Abdi Waraabe and Riyaale and their likes. 

Visualize this: These two groups of men were facing each other in May 1988. For both it was ‘do or die’. Both groups were fighting to the death. Everyone was motivated by an idea and a vision. At that time, the captive population and those who were in the Diaspora did not have a shred of a doubt which of the two groups was on their side. The battle lines were clear. No one could mix them.

The lines are still clear today to anyone ‘who has eyes to see’ as the Noble Quran says.

I say, the fact that the above-mentioned Mujaahidiin, are today not only unemployed but are insulted in the country they gave everything for, shows their magnanimity and greatness. It is unheard of in Africa, and perhaps in the whole world, that men who give a fraction of what they gave would be pleading with their enemies of yester year to be given what they earned. And it is most ironic that it is happening in the month of May.

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