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A Cesspool of Illogicality
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Who won the war of liberation of Somaliland? The Faqash or Somaliland? I am sure everyone will say ‘of course Somaliland won the war. I mean, everybody knows this’. But wait a minute. Look at Somaliland, what do you see? You see those who were with the Faqash till the last minute occupying the highest offices of the land. Rayale is the President, Qaybe is the Speaker of the Parliament and H. Abdi Waraabe who was an acolyte of Gaani and then Morgan is a senior member of the Guurti.

Some may say, ‘Qaybe and Rayale are members of the "beelaha daafaha" as H. Abdi Waraabe said recently, so let us give them an allowance for that’. Well, this is not a valid refutation of what I just said - that these men remained with the Faqash till the last minute, and would, most likely, still be with the Faqash had the SNM lost the war. Moreover, we cannot have it both ways; we cannot say ‘Ok. We are going to leave the "shir beeleed" behind us’ and at the same breath say ‘let us not talk about certain things concerning certain people because they happen to be from certain clans’. 

Such an argument is irrelevant anyway, because I am not talking about clans, I am talking about individuals. There are many Isaaqs who were with the Faqash till the last minute also. Rayale and Qaybe are the most visible leaders we have today and they happen to belong to the ‘beelaha daafaha‘. Had Allah, swt, made Rayale and Qaybe off springs of Isaaq men my arguments would still be valid. I am describing what I see. 

A glaring example of illogicality in Somaliland is the case of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. This man came from Garoowe and straight into the highest legal office of the land. No questions asked. This doesn’t happen even in companies. An applicant for a senior position in any company would be grilled to determine if he or she is compatible with the culture and niche of the company.

I suppose if Cisman Kalluun and Jama Yare come back tomorrow they will be accorded heroes’ welcome and bestowed with senior government positions! Why not?

Can you imagine Bathists or high officials in the Dergue regime ruling Iraq or Ethiopia? How did it happen that Somaliland is ruled by the remnants of the Faqash? Why weren’t there any safeguards? Could this error be the Achilles’ heel of Somaliland? 

Are we really serious about seeing an independent Somaliland? Or are we playing with the emotions of the populace? Why are we taking such unnecessary risks? What has Somaliland lost by being led by these men? Can we ever know? Can anyone guarantee the people, for instance, that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or Qaybe are for the sovereignty of Somaliland? Does it matter or it doesn’t? If it matters then why is Somaliland led by these people? If it doesn’t matter then why do we chastise the Arta clique for being full of Barre’s remnants? 
We should put up or shut up. We should know what we are doing.

Suleiman Mohamoud (smohamoud@hotmail.com)

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