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Internationally Acclaimed Kenyan Scholar Supports Somalilandís Independence
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- Internationally Acclaimed Kenyan Scholar Supports Somalilandís Independence

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Nairobi (SL Times) - The internationally acclaimed Kenyan Scholar Prof Ali Mazrui has expressed his support for Somalilandís Independence. In a recent comment on Somalia in the light of the Mbagathi peace talks, Mr. Mazrui was quoted in a press report as saying, "Somaliland should be let to go its way, for it has resources to sustain itself."

Prof Mazrui is the second prominent Kenyan who comes out for Somalilandís independence. Before him, Raila Odinga, the current Kenyan Minister of Public Works, had announced that Somaliland deserves to be recognized as a fully independent state.

Elaborating a little more on the subject, the Kenyan Scholar Ali Mazrui explained, "The situation in Somalia now is a culture of rules without rulers, a stateless society." In contrast, he described the situation in Somaliland as different, "There is order there, they have the potential to survive," he said last week.

It is worth mentioning that Somaliland has been steadily gaining support not just in political circles but also in academic ones. The country has already won the admiration of such scholars as Professor William Reno, Gerard Prunier, Bernard Helander, I.M. Lewis, and Iqbal Jhazbhay of South Africa to mention just a few.

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