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"Success is not something you should merely want, it is something you should work for."
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- "Success is not something you should merely want, it is something you should work for." 


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Abdirahman Adan Mohamoud

My name is Abdirahman Adan Mohamoud and I am among the first students that graduated from Amoud University. The graduation ceremony, which was held at the campus of the university on July23rd, 2003 greatly influenced me and moved my feelings and emotions. Frankly speaking, only those who were witnesses to the jubilant and euphoric atmosphere of that day can accurately describe the scene. This, however, made me glance back the long and rough road that we have passed during my student days at Amoud University. 

It was exactly mid July, 1997, when I first heard the then under-process initiative of transforming the old prestigious Amoud high school into a new institution of higher learning under the new name of Amoud University. As soon as I became aware of this information, I developed a strong commitment and enthusiasm and decided to join this institution because I considered it the right place that can quench my thirst for education. The long road ahead of me in joining an institution of higher learning in a country that is just recovering from anarchy, destruction, trauma and the devastating impact of the civil war was apparent. Luckily enough, I was among the first group of students to sit for an admission exam and joined the University as a result. After nine months of intensive English courses to remedy our weakness of being out of a schooling system for a number of years, I enrolled to start the university courses and started my freshman courses immediately after the inauguration ceremony, which was held on November 4th, 1998. 

During my student years at Amoud, we have passed many different stages. The first one was the most difficult and troublesome one- whereby some of the local communities pressued us and considered us crazy and unrealistic. However, due to our strong commitment and desire of education, most of the local communities realized that Amoud University offers high quality courses and our efforts were appreciated.

On the other hand, the situation on the ground was not encouraging at all. During the first year of the university, we had only three lecturers. To make matters worse, textbooks, computer lab and materials that assist students in their studies were beyond reach. Almost fifty students had to share one textbook donated to the library by some Amoud alumni academicians. Yet, the morale and feeling of the students was high because they had realized that they were an important partner and ally of this sacred initiative and without them, this caravan of educational renaissance would have not succeeded at the very least, if not failed. 

Currently, after almost five years of being a university student at Amoud, we are now celebrating the first graduation ceremony, and I am completely different from the day I enrolled at the university. The university provided me the opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge that is a pre-requisite for leading a decent life with the minimum expenses (as I was studying in my own town.) What is more, the university did not only restore my dream which the plague of the civil war had destroyed, but also served as a watershed- that changed me from a desperate, hopeless and confused person to a knowledgeable, goal-oriented and more importantly, a man with a career. 

In this regard, I would like to take advantage of this opportunity and express my deepest and sincere gratitude to everyone (individuals and institutions) who contributed to the establishment and consolidation of Amoud University. Particularly, I would like to thank the university management team, whose tireless efforts and wise leadership set a shining model to be emulated by the rest of the country. Let me conclude by saying, "your efforts, sacrifice, commitment and dedication were instrumental in making Amoud university a well-known pioneer and a distinguished institution of higher learning." Finally, success is not something you should merely want, it is something you should work for.

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