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Plastic Bags Are Hazardous To The Environment
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Everyone who visits the Somaliland Republic complains about the plastic bags as it appears everywhere; it is on the road side, on top of the trees and one wonders how unpleasant is it to the landscape and environment. Millions of plastic bags are daily imported to Somaliland markets mainly to parcel goods and in particular Kat. It is common to see plastic bags in the market being used by the people for different purposes. Unfortunately these bags are not properly disposed off.

Goats like any other animals usually eat plastic bags and thousands of them die due to the problems posed to the digestion system of the animals by the swollen. The plastic litter continuous unabated as the culture of chewing Kat exists in this society and that is jointly related with the import of plastics. Certainly the problem of plastic litter exists in the environment and continue to remain as such unless the government set rules and regulations to contain the plastics and launches awareness programs regarding the hazards these material poses on the environment; there will be no let up and the situation will be appalling than ever.

Abdirahman Ibrahim (Aleel)

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