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Sister Of Aid Worker Slams Death Penalty

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Nottingham , UK , Nov 20 2005 (The Sunday Sun) – The sister of an aid worker gunned down by terrorists in Africa has criticized the death sentences imposed on his killers.

Richard Eyeington, from Pelton Fell, County Durham , and his wife Enid, from Fence Houses, near Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne and Wear, location styles correct were killed when they were shot through the window of their flat in a school compound in Somaliland .

Somaliland , which is not recognized internationally, broke away from Somalia in 1991 after dictator Mohamed Siyad Barre was ousted by clan militia.

The four killers were Islamic extremists believed to be linked to al Qaida and involved in a campaign against Westerners.

After the verdicts were announced in an African court last week, Richard's sister, Joyce Eyeington, said she did not want anyone else to die. She said: "I am very much against it. I am pleased they found someone for the murders, but I don't agree with the death sentence.

"I know my brother and sister-in-law would have been against it as well. None of the family are happy with this.

"Richard and Enid would both feel very strongly. They would not want these people to die . . . and besides, it doesn't bring them back, does it?

"It's the law of their land and we can't change it, but I don't welcome it. Men are going to die.

"I know Richard and Enid's son Mark and daughter Louise also oppose the deaths of these people.

"It is sufficient that they have been caught and, hopefully, there will be some closure for us."

She added that the family had been through an ordeal since the killings two years ago.

An inquest will be held in London next month.

Former Newcastle nursery boss Joyce, who now lives in Nottingham , said she had no regrets about Richard and Enid - who were childhood sweethearts - dedicating their lives to relief work in Africa .

The couple spent 30 years in Africa , where they brought up their children.

Joyce said: " Africa was their lives, very much so, but they did not think they were taking any risks.

"Richard would not have wanted anything else and neither would Enid . "They had a wonderful life out in Africa , met some wonderful people, and did some wonderful work."

And she added: "They were happy and the people they worked for, and with, were all the greater for their presence."

She said Mark and Louise had scattered the couple's ashes in their beloved Swaziland , where they had a home.

Richard, 62, and Enid, 61, had been helping to rebuild a school when they were killed.

The men convicted of their deaths were also sentenced for the murder of a Kenyan aid worker and of car-jacking and armed robbery.

In court, some of the accused shouted Allah Akbar - God is Great - and protested that they should not be executed for killing infidels.

Dismissing the protests, the judge said: "The religion is very clear. It does not encourage the assassination of innocent Muslims or non- Muslims."


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