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A Local Contractor To Sue UNHCR For Defaulting On Payment

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Buroa, Somaliland , November 26, 2005 (SL Times) – Mohamed Ali Dualle, a local businessman, has filed a claim for $20,000 from the UNHCR office in Somaliland in connection with a contract he was awarded more than 11 years ago for the rehabilitation of Yusuf Al-Kawnin School in Buroa.

Mr. Dualle known as Iman claims that a Kenyan organization called Crescent of Hope which operated in Buroa in 1993 on behalf of the UNHCR, had left the country in the same year without paying him the second installment of the project funds.

The businessman has decided to file a suit with British courts for the recovery of $20,000 from UNHCR.

His brother who lives in England has been in contact with Jackson Center solicitors of Liverpool to initiate the legal action.

Mr. Dualle complained that the UNHCR has failed to respond to his many repeated requests for settlement of the costs incurred by him as a result of the construction contract.

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