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Shame On The President, Shame On UDUB ‎Party, And Shame On The Police Commissioner

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Shame On The President, Shame On UDUB ‎Party, And Shame On The Police Commissioner

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By Farah Ali Jama, Ottawa , Canada

What happened inside and outside the House on November 29, 2005, while the historic session of the first session of the new Parliament was underway in which both the Parliament and Members of Parliament immunity were brazenly violated and journalists beaten and hurt by the Police is an out-and-out contempt of our infant democracy, total disregard of the democratic norms and ethics, contravention of the parliamentary procedures, and an outright violation of the Constitution and laws of land. In addition, it is a clear transgression of law and order, sheer breach of the peace, and utter disregard of National Security and Stability of Somaliland. And not a “laughing” matter as others such as Mr. Mohamud Tani had described it mildly according to his vindictive article titled, “The Big Bang Incident” and even goes further by making a malevolent joke out of such a serious national issue. Although my purpose here is not to rebut this apathetic article, however, you can access it at this link: www.somaliland.org/opinions.asp?ID=05120106.

The extent of the abuse of power on this day and the audacity of this unqualified, inept, power hungry, corrupt, divisive president, and his administration who are clearly behind all these as well as the sheer arrogance of the ruling UDUB party and their cohorts who have imposed on us this dark day in our history who unabatedly continue to debase our system of governance and laws and key national institutions such as the Legislative and Judiciary branches who are known to time and again concoct unnecessary national crisis in a manner that constantly breaches the peace, endangers national security and stability of the country whose actions and indifference continue to denigrate the enormous sacrifices of our people, their long and bitter liberation struggle, their blood and tears, and their priceless sweat and efforts; who seem to maintain a hidden agenda to constantly tarnish our international image, our recognition efforts, and our cause is indeed a serious national issue that have plagued this tiny nation of 3.5 million people since UDUB party came to existence and since Mr. Dahir Rayale Kahin later became its chairman and as well as the president of Somaliland in 2003.

Therefore, the ugly and uncivil incident of November 29, 2005 and the level of indifference, arrogance, defiance, and actions of these hell-bent culprits particularly the president’s silence in this matter, the reckless actions and statements of the Minister of Interior, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Information, and some senior UDUB Party Officials as well as the actions of the Police Commissioner and his soldiers is neither a “laughing” matter nor a simple partisan issue or bickering, but a severe transgressions that must be remedied with the equal severity of the laws of land inherent in our Constitution, if we are to stand as an independent people and sovereign nation on this planet.

This scandalous, defaming, denigrating, demeaning, and manufactured outrageous incident is a looming national crisis that has the potential to trigger unnecessary political turmoil, possible civil war, and even anarchy therefore it is incumbent on all Somalilanders both in the country and in the Diasporas to strongly condemn it and to promptly work towards the efforts to reversed it immediately before further damage is done to the cause and existence of Somaliland.

I therefore urge the president to be pragmatic, to promptly address the nation, to concede defeat, to take responsibility of the disdainful actions of the elderly UDUB party MP who unprofessionally chaired the first parliamentary session of the new parliament who brazenly violated the Parliamentary Procedures and Constitution who contemptuously attempted to illegally adjourn and disrupt the business of the House as well as the defaming manner in which the rest of his UDUB party MPs walked out of the House, and to immediately cease disputing the legitimacy of the Speaker of the House of Representatives and his two Deputies who were legally elected on that very day by a majority vote in accordance to Article 44 Section 1 and Section 3, and Article 45 Section 3.

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