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Issue 42  November 9, 2002


Estranged Sec-Gen Sparks Power Struggle Within UDUB

Abdi Aw Dahir describes his Replacement by the UDUB Executive Committee as an illegal move

Hargeisa (SL.T) - Dr. Abdi Aw Dahir, the controversial Secretary General of President Dahir Rayale’s party UDUB- has vowed not to step down from his party post.

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Ethiopian and Kenyan Ambassadors Speak at Seattle University

By Jamal Gabobe

Seattle, Washington - The Washington State Africa Trade & Investment 4th year Forum was held on Oct.12, 2002 at Seattle University's Pigott Auditorium. The event was organized by the African Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest, and was attended by close to eighty people. One of the speakers was Mr. Kenneth Kukes, SBA Seattle, who spoke about the variety of assistance his office provides to small business. Mr. Kukes pointed out that the US government has a built-in bias in favor of exporters from America to other countries as opposed to importers, but his office tries to help both importers and exporters. He added that his office issues publications and catalogues as well as engages in business matchmaking, dissemination of information and trade shows.

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Eritrea Apologizes to Yemen

Yemen Times, 45 - November 4 thru November 10, 2002

The Modern Eritrea Magazine apologized Friday for an item published in its column "opinion" in the last Thursday issue under the title " Background of the Political Regime in Yemen."

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More Troops Sent to Horn of Africa

By Pauline Jelinek 

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon is sending an estimated 1,000 more Americans to help track down al-Qaida around the Horn of Africa, where the yearlong war on terrorism has produced few visible results so far.

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Somalilanders Attend NEPAD Awareners Meeting At LA

By Hassan Mogeh Hirsi

Los Angeles, CA USA

The South African Consulate-General in Los Angeles, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) African Studies, West Los Angeles College Pace program, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Congresswoman Diane Watson and Constituency for Africa have presented a series of discussion panels on NEPAD. The South African Government has lunched these panels to promote NEPAD program in pursuit of the successful implementation of the program and increase awareness among the African American communities and businesses.

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Borama Water Supply Project Completed

Borama (SLT) – A water supply project for the city of Borama has been completed. The project involved the installation of a network of water supply pipes in an area of 13km3 in the city, in addition to the construction of a crossing bridge for water pipes, a water tanker, and 5.5km long feeder pipes. 

The works have been implemented by a consortium of organizations that included KULMIYE Constructing Company, SOSVO, MCC, and Horn Construction. The project was funded by USAID through UNICEF.

Thanks to this project, residents of Borama have now access to running water.


Aids Education Fails to Change Behaviour

November 2, 2002

The East African Standard (Nairobi)- HIV/AIDS education in schools in Sub-Saharan Africa has failed to effect behavior change despite high levels of knowledge among primary and secondary school pupils.

Researchers at the University of Sussex in Britain say there is little evidence to show that school-based HIV/AIDS education has had major impact on sexual behavior. The report of the study on the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on education sector in sub-Saharan Africa has criticized curriculum design and delivery of HIV/AIDS education.

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Intra-Party Democracy

To qualify for contesting in the forthcoming municipal elections, Somaliland’s political organizations were supposed to submit their candidates by Oct. 31st. As the deadline drew nearer, political parties rushed through the names of their candidates in the last minute. It appears now that the leaders of the political organizations have, actually handpicked most of the candidates submitted.

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Hargeisa's Water Shortage Dilemma II

Eng: Abdi M. Farah (Abdi wiiwaa)

Somaliland has made great improvements in many areas since the end of Siad Barre’s regime. However, due to the struggle against injustice with the old regime and having been in refugee camps in neighboring countries, the Somaliland people become immune to any type of shortages of products or services. The Somaliland Diasporas are disappointed with the lack of progress in the infrastructure of the country. As visitors they tour around the nation and try to evaluate the progress made by the government year after year. A government with same meager revenue could have done more planning, rehabilitation, maintenance, and implementation of infrastructure projects, if the leaders were not so busy with their political ambitions and connections.

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