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Press Release: Somaliland Forum responds to Somalia's PM Gedi's lies
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Somaliland Forum
Ref: SF/ECmgPR: 9               

Unelected Somalia leaders venture to mislead the world about Somaliland:

Mr. Gedi asserted, “Somaliland is a Somalia entity first of all. They claim to break away from the unity, but that is not the reality today”. I don’t believe in different entities. The act of union of the 1960 is still there… It is within the transitional federal charter of Somalia that Somalia is one country, it is one nation… So we understand that maybe some international actors are trying to advocate for the recognition of Somaliland but that will never happen. Factually it must be emphasized that there is no ‘Federation’ of Somali states but an old ‘Act of Union’ between two independent States. Mr. Gedi’s hypocritical view ignores to distinguish that if the two states were of the same entity they would be integral part of one another thus eliminating the need for a ‘Union’. He, while not meaning to, answers his own question by admitting to a union which in-turn supports the two state model, which they have blindly denied.
If Mr. Gedi truly believes that there is a Somalia entity encompassing Somaliland, did he forget that Somaliland was an independent nation before Somalia? In his misguided view, does he then include the original ethnic Somali territories of Eastern Ethiopia, Northeast Kenya and ex-French Somaliland (Djibouti)? It is doubtful he would make that claim today which makes Somalia’s obsession with Somaliland nothing but an optical illusion to circumvent world opinion. The relevant precedent for the restoration of sovereignty to Somaliland had been set by many nations, i.e. the former Soviet Union, Egypt and Syria, former Yugoslavia and so forth. Somalia fails to admit that it was the people of Somaliland who, after Somalia was granted independence, initiated the Union. Somaliland never rendered but reserved the right to withdraw from that union. After 30 years of neglect and devastation, the citizens of Somaliland voted overwhelmingly to withdraw and stay independent.
It must be clear to all that it’s only the citizens of Somaliland who can determine their destiny and not another entity and certainly not Somalia. It is time for the UN, AU, AL, EU and IGAD to see through the smoke screen and reengage Somaliland. Somaliland had sacrificed greatly to enjoy what it has today. Other nations and organizations must support Somaliland and not just by expressing admiration from afar. Somaliland fulfills the requirements for Statehood. She has a well-defined territory, permanent population, an elected government and the amplitude and ability to enter relations with other states.
Somaliland will carry on regardless and continue to respect the inherent right of its citizens, their political reforms and free elections. Somaliland encourages Somalia to follow suit.
The Somaliland Forum organization is an independent think-tank that brings together Somalilanders and Somaliland supporters in the Diaspora. This organization believes in the sovereignty and democracy of Somaliland. We work with Somaliland communities and friends around the globe to contribute and work towards the socio-economic and democratic development of the Republic of Somaliland. For more information: somalilandforum.com or chair@somalilandforum.com

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