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The Mother Of All Monkey Business!‎‎‎

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By Ahmed Hashi Dhimbiil

Good Morning Somaliland ! Yassin Ali Warsame said in Hargeisa that the people of Somaliland should accept an apology for the shenanigans of the representative from Sanaag for being a yes man to the party and a no man to the march of democratic politics in this country. Well, Mr Warsame ought to know that our representative from Sanaag needs no such apology from the people of Sanaag to Somaliland what need to happen is for the representative to apologize to his constituents who elected him to this important post, to his fellow parliamentarians and to the parliament itself, for twisting in the wind and for closing the door on his 15 minutes in the limelight!

Mr.Warsaame ought not to be too embarrassed about our representative from Sanaag, for, it is important to note that those representatives from the opposition from Sanaag stayed in the house and did their duty, thusly, Mr.Warsame should have congratulated these members too, given dear cousin, that these men, some my uncles, some my Apti’s, some my habaarwaadag’s, some my sediis are there in their altogether national capacity and their particular cultural relations having nothing to do with the politics of the day. That is my two cents about Mr.dhaadeere who ruined the show for people of Somaliland by bungling his parliamentary career at the very beginning of the first sitting of this august house. I hope he does not rain on our parade again.

Party politics in Somaliland is at its infancy and those who I have warned repeatedly about the role of the Guurti in this transition and their simple sloganeering that the Guurti ought to be politicized and elected have been shown to be wrong given that our institutions at a weak moment did not have the wherewithal to deal with this crisis and hadn’t it been for the Guurti all bets would have been called! I have argued that the Guurti ought to stay until the transition is rooted in our collective political soil in order to save these very institutions as they grow firm and mature into institutions that can handle social and political crisis as the one that just passed. But that is to anticipate.

Now the issue at stake or the lessons we ought to learn – and I have written about this elsewhere – is the issue of our transition from traditional politics to our experimentation with more ‘national’ politics and more ‘modern’ institutions. I argued in that piece to Dr. Bulhan that precisely because the executive had cannibalized power, and indeed because the gravity of power was sooner rather than later going to shift to the legislative process, the executive was suffering from the lack of an effective check to its power. The parliamentary elections and the subsequent elections of the opposition to the house with a majority would cause all kinds of fever and vehemence from the executive because power would shift!

This is exactly what has happened because the constitution of this country is not paper to wrap fish; it is a living document that places structures and sign-posts as to how we should live politically. Human beings are not transparent, neither do they like accountability particularly when they are in power. The President of this country, used as he is to money bags being deposited at government house Hargeisa, now has to deal with the accountability of the parliament and this will cause the rule and law to take root and to be followed!

The parliament of this country ought to understand that it must also completely refuse to follow the track of negation and contradiction, it must not see itself as “presidential” but rather “legislative” and to understand that it is building an institution with laws, customs, and traditions for generations to come. It must call into account everything hitherto existing because there exists so much lies and so much lack of accountability to the government of the people by the people and for the people that it must not fail to deliver in this momentous and significant moment; the concept of power to the people.

Let me end by suggesting that Somaliland is an experiment, and experimentation is precisely the form of government we want, we want the government in its whole to look and talk like the people and most importantly to deliver to the people social, economic, and political goods that can cause the concept of civilization or in the words of the great Ibn Khaldun, a space for ‘dar ul islam’ as opposed to a ‘dar ul harb’ which simply translated are the polar opposites of a civilized place and a place of barbarism.

I hope and pray that all this monkey business end, so that pundits in this country can write about more pressing things rather than the continuing soap opera of monkey business everywhere!

Dhimbiil dallo57us@yahoo.com

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