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Time To Send Clear Message To The ‎War Lords Of Somalia And Their Cohorts

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Time To Send Clear Message To The ‎War Lords Of Somalia And Their Cohorts‎

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By Farah Ali Jama, Ottawa , Canada .

Although the Republic of Somaliland is established within its internationally recognized colonial boundaries and satisfies all the requirements for statehood in accordance with the criteria laid down by the Montevideo Convention, the UN Charter, AU Charter, and others; the international community unjustly and unjustifiably continue to drag its feet to grant this functioning, democratically elected, and peaceful country its long over due international recognition it deserves! So what is the reason?

It is believed by many that the catastrophic anarchy that continues to unfold in Somalia before the eyes of the international community coupled with the untold day in day out misery, sheer lawlessness, utter shortages of foods and starvations, dire sufferings, daylight robberies, sadistic rapes, nerve racking tortures, constant massacres, harrowing kidnappings, terrifying piracy, extreme terrorism, sheer inhumanity, and utter destruction of all public and state infrastructures brought unto this desolate nation and its mainly illiterate and poor populace may have somehow stolen the limelight from Somaliland and continue to overshadow its peaceful, progressive, democratic, and stable nature!!

Nevertheless, others plainly argue that Somaliland is a reality that can not be ignored by anyone and a huge functioning country to be overshadowed by the collapse of Somalia and the horrendous activities of its criminal, savage and inhuman “Beast-Man” War Lords. But concedes that what is holding Somaliland back is the covert and overt activities of certain naïve and rogue officials at key international organization such as the UN, UNPOS, EU, AU, Arab league, IGAD member countries with the exception of Ethiopia, etc. as well as some other foreign governments who seem to have some ulterior motives to bury alive Somaliland such as Italy, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Yemen, Djibouti, etc., who are known to openly perpetuate the status quo of the collapsed state of Somalia and who work tirelessly to undermine Somaliland at all fronts -- politically, economically, and socially in the hope that they may some day derail the indomitable legitimate noble cause and existence of Somaliland.

Ironically, on one hand, these selfish and soulless vagabond officials at these important international organizations and governments are working in the shadows to undermine a legitimate, peaceful, stable, progressive, and democratically elected government and country and are, on the other hand, continuing to grant their unqualified political, financial and material support to the tribal, criminal, savage, and inhuman “Beast-Man” War Lords of Somalia who, in the first place, brought about the collapse of their state and who have inflicted untold misery unto their people and nation, and who shamelessly continue to fake a non-existent central government for a non-existent anarchic state for the last 15 years to the present thereby prolonging the sufferings of its citizenry!!

Of course, there are those who harbor the perception that the lack popularity of Somaliland stems from its unqualified president, low class cabinet ministers, existence of endemic corruption, lack of a non-proactive, but a reactive media and, most importantly, a very weak foreign policy have strongly contributed to the problems the country faces; while others though in the minority have the belief that the mere similarities of the names of Somaliland and Somalia may be the problem. And that in the ears of foreigners and even on paper, Somaliland and Somalia reads and sounds almost similar and that these may have indirectly contributed to the whole confusion surrounding the indistinguishable nature of these two neighborly countries in the Horn of Africa region. Some even argue that Puntland is more popular in some quarters than Somaliland since there is no “Somali” in its name!!

Whatever the case, for the international community to be able to fully distinguish the independent Republic of Somaliland, “the beacon of democracy in the Horn of Africa”, from the anarchic and failed state of Somalia in the south, we need to ruffle some feathers in order to raise the level of awareness of the ignorant and misinformed many among the international community and to embark on a process to directly or indirectly educate them in regards to our cause, existence and distinct identity as a people and a nation on this planet.

It is therefore incumbent on our people and government to promptly clear this dark atmosphere and end this identity crisis or confusion and to immediately curtail the ongoing practice by others for erroneously lumping the democratic Somaliland with the anarchic Somalia that is long gone with the wind.

Therefore, it is about time that we:

a) – Return the prestige of Somaliland back to the international limelight, to grub crucial international media headlines, and to explicitly shore up our legitimate and internationally sound legal case and to further shed light on the continued unjust treatment and indifference of the international community in dragging their feet to grant this country its long over due political recognition it deserves since the restoration of its lost independence and sovereignty in 1991. The history and the international law are both in favor of Somaliland and the international community knows better and should have long called a spade a spade and end this colossal injustice. However, the international community should know that by attempting to bury the history and continuing to undermine Somaliland , which achieved its independence from Britain on June 26, 1960 and which, during the period, more than 30 nations had recognized it including all the five permanent members of the UN Security Council will never fade away into oblivion by any means.

b) – Take some drastic measures to turn the tables on the avowed enemies of Somaliland once and for all. And whether these measures is seen to be harsh or deemed to be unpopular with the criminal, savage and inhuman “Beast-Man” War Lords of Somalia or with other Somalis in Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Kenya, and Diasporas or with other Muslims or whether it may be misconstrued as an outright racism is not our concern since we are fighting for our legitimate noble cause and existence, and the would be whiners are responsible for our past and present predicament and are to this day perpetuating their endless hostilities against our people and country.

As a result, in order that we further solidify our noble cause, restoration of our hard won independence in 1991, interests, prevailing peace, public and national security, manifest democracy and multi-party system, good governance and rule of law, tangible developments and achievements, sovereignty, territorial integrity and stability of the country that only came about as a result of a painful and long drawn opposition against the reigns of the tribalist , nepotic, discriminative, inept, and corrupt civilian governments of Somalia (1960-1969) who deliberately took us for granted and took the ill-advised, unconditional and illegal unification of Somaliland and Somalia on July 01, 1960 for Annexation of our country, and which also came about after entering a long and bitter armed struggle against the fascistic and genocidal military regime of Dictator Gen. Siyad Barre (1969 to 1991) and his tribal militias who also thought they could simply wipe us off the planet and whose evils was reversed by the enormous sacrifices and gallantry of our people who paid dearly with their precious blood, tears, sweat, efforts, wealth, and properties and who soundly defeated these blood thirsty, power hungry, land hungry coalition of evil; I hereby suggest that we take the following measures:

a) – Call on the UNHCR and UNPOS based and basking in the Nairobi sun to begin the process to repatriate all Somalia refugees within 90 days for security reasons.

b) – Call on Ethiopia to make arrangements to receive all the Absame sub-clan who are illegally residing in Somaliland and known to be sympathizers/supporters of the ONLF terrorists currently operating in its territory who continue to terrorize, rob, torture, kidnap, and murder Somalilanders and who have to-date burnt more than 60 fully loaded Somaliland civilian transport trucks worth tens of millions of dollars and who are clearly undermining and endangering the tenets of the amicable Security Agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia.

c) – Deport all foreign Muslim “Mad Mullahs” particularly those affiliated with the Al-Itihaad, which many suspect as a front of AL-Qaeda and other religious extremists illegally residing in the country who are known to be in alliance with the tribalist, criminal, savage and inhuman “Beast-Man” War Lords of Somalia who are suspected to have clandestine bases in Garowe (Puntland, Somalia), Mogadishu (Somalia), and Godey (Ethiopia) who on numerous times have violated our borders and gunned down a number of innocent foreign expatriates working in Somaliland for no logical reasons other than ungodly beliefs and sheer hate.

d) – Put the Somaliland Armed Forces and other Security Forces in High Alert and ready them in the defence of their people and country.

e) – Give a clear-cut ultimatum to Majeertenia/Puntland to unconditionally remove its tribal militias from the Eastern Somaliland territories within 90 days.

f) – Put quickly in place a clear diplomatic measure without ruling out the military option in order to preserve the territorial integrity of Somaliland in relation to the illegally occupied few eastern Sanaag districts, Buhoodle district, and parts of the Sool region by the ever provocative, tribal, hate-mongers, and permanently hostile entity of Majeertenia/Puntland, Somalia and their cohorts.

g) – Alert all overseas Somaliland Representatives and activate the strong Somaliland Diasporas and urge them to pull up their socks to stand firmly with their people and government during these operations.

h) – Send a strong delegation to the key world capitals composed of select Cabinet Ministers, select Members of Parliament, select Officials from the three national political parties, select Think Tank Officials from the civil Society, select group of the local media in order to brief and to firmly explain the international community including the international media of our position and the need to recognize Somaliland.

There is no doubt that the implementations of these measures will immediately send shock waves around the world and a strong message to our avowed enemies within and without particularly the criminal, savage, and inhuman “Beast-Man” War Lords who are currently holding worthless claims, documents, and portfolio at the fake so-called Transitional Federal Government of the non-existent and anarchic Somalia. These actions will equally send a strong message to those who blindly support Somalia at the expense of the peaceful and democratic Somaliland as well as to the indifferent international community at large as to who reigns and rules in Somaliland.

We have successfully completed our so-called “Geedi Socod” and have put in place all the necessary public and state institutions and have peacefully elected our leaders in a fair and free elections and have put in power a viable, functioning, democratically elected central government, local government, Members of Parliament, and have also long met all the requirements for statehood in accordance with the criteria laid down by the UN Charter, AU Charter, Montivideo Convention, and others.

Therefore, let us act now, ruffles some feathers, rock the boat of our avowed enemies, and fully liberate our people and country once and for all. God Willing.

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