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Bristolian MP Kerry McCarthy Calls‎ On UK Government To Recognize Somaliland

Warning By The Somaliland Government ‎To An Australian Mining Company‎‎

U.S. Missiles Blamed For 18 Deaths On Pakistan Border‎

Saudi 'Negligence' Blamed For Haj Pilgrim Stampede

Uphill Struggle To Preserve Somalia's Wildlife

The Surud Mountain Forests In Somaliland

Djibouti Takes Diplomatic Dispute With France ‎To World Court‎‎

Gang Warfare Leaves Man In Fight For Life

Local & Regional Affairs

Heavy Artillery Used In Somalia Battle

EU’s Latest Pledge To Support TFG‎

US 'Heartened' By Somali Political Agreement

Saleh Unilaterally Appoints A Yemeni ‎Ambassador To Somalian

Livestock Sales Soar In The UAE Despite ‎High Prices‎‎

Institute Of Security Studies Predicts Doom For Horn Of Africa‎‎‎‎‎

Ethiopia - Djibouti International Trade Fair‎

Truck Terminal Under Construction In Djibouti‎

Somalia Frankincense

Somali Poetry

International News

3,000 Miss School As Parents Cross Border‎‎

South Africa: Police Confiscate ‘New Drug’ In ‎Raid On Flats‎

NGOs Call On UN Members To Banish Sale Of Arms

UN Relief Agency Runs Out Of Food

Sale Of Humvee Military Vehicles To Ethiopia‎

Bureau To Undertake Polio Vaccination Campaign

Al-Qaeda Manhunt In Kenya


US Troops In Africa Build Schools Instead

Film Aims To Put Focus On Racism‎‎

Holy Day Unites Families

Why European Women Are Turning To Islam

21st Century Pirates‎

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Somaliland Telecommunications Industry Torn Between ‎Government Incompetence And Lack Of Capital Investment‎

The Hajj: From Pilgrimage To Holiday‎

14 Children Have Died Through The Negligence Of Borama Local ‎Council‎‎‎

When A Dubious Business Deal Is Masqueraded As Government Policy‎

Borrowed Thinking; Flawed Analysis: A Reply To Tani!‎‎


Timbuktu Chronicles

"A view of Africa and Africans with a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, practical remedies and other self sustaining activities.".....Emeka Okafor


Progressive Interventions analyses the flaws, promise and potential of the Frankincense market in Somalia ."...Market commentators and advisors suggest that pro-poor sub-sector growth has two phases.The first of these is developing a strong national production image leading to more direct market access including polishing and packaging higher grades of Maydi for the Saudi market. The second phase is in-country value-addition which is principally, frankincense essential oil distillation. For phase one, there are two immediate critical issues for Somali stakeholders which can be summarised as: (1) developing markets for frankincense; and, (2) making frankincense markets more accessible and equitable...Somalis also need to develop systems that provide information on market opportunities, prices and sales channels. The stakeholders need to work together to improve the poor international perception of their production region as well as Somali gum merchants in general. Organized merchant groups also need far greater access to affordable export finance to buy sufficient quantities of gum from collectors to service bulk export orders... Stakeholders need to work together to develop a transparent Code of Conduct for production and trading that addresses imbalances in production worker revenues and pay as well as improved working conditions. Quality gum export control systems need to established including systems and standards for increasing the availability of technical production skills. Technology needs to be developed to increase yields of higher grade Maydi. Capacity needs to be strengthened to identity and develop more direct international market linkages..."

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