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Somaliland Integrity Versus Hunters Of ‎Opportunism

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Somaliland Integrity Versus Hunters Of ‎Opportunism

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By Mr. Ahmed M. Gedi (sanjab), Secretary General, SLD Justice & Welfare Party.

1. There is one thing that I know well, Somaliland is a constitutional State and Southern Somalia is State based on Clan- warlord-charter adopted by members of parliament nominated by Clan-warlords in a Conference held in a foreign soil. I do also know that both clan-based parliament and the TFGS are infested with members of former perpetrators of genocide in Somaliland, in which therefore I am obliged to screen carefully what to share with them ( i.e. JNA) and how to avoid cunning diplomatic gestures that are mostly channeled through 3rd parties ( in this case i.e. Italy & Egypt ), who are determined to derail the integrity of Somaliland whenever the opportunity arises under the false pretext of protecting the integrity of Former Somali Republic and the Charter of African Unity. I am opposing an economic opportunity for Somaliland, but I can not stomach the risk involved in positioning Somaliland under the Clan-based Charter of the Transitional Federal Government in a conference held in Rome, Italy or in Cairo sometime in June/July 2006. For the sake of clarity can the gentleman who authors the article called “self importance often leads to stupidity”, explain to the nation why he considers my preventive audit-questionnaires to UNDP/World Bank as irrelevant and an opinion of an ignorant person? The Article in question was published in Awdal website on 30/01/2006, which usually entertains FORGED IDEAS from one of my colleagues who is a member of the Executive committee of our party. With due respect, Mr. Ahmed M. I. Egal should note that opposing the views of my colleagues does not make me a transgressor of the rule of law in which our Political Parties are administered.

2. We all know that the present Integrity of Somaliland was achieved through a protracted armed liberation war that costed Somali Landers unforgettable loss of live, properties and infrastructures. As a result of that experience, we are obliged to evaluate all opportunities feasible carefully, candidly and diligently. In the case of JOINT NEEDS ASSESSMENT program, Somaliland was not consulted at the early stages when the policies guiding the objectives, scope, stakeholder’s role, and rule of law (i.e. Clan based charter of the TFG) and the implementation period of the program being discussed in meetings held in Nairobi and Jawhar sometime February 2005. According to some documents available in certain websites, the program was tailored for Regions classified as S. Somalia and Punt land. Some documents also show that discussions on former Somali Republic of which they subdivided into six economic Zones, in which case Somaliland was classified as one Zone. Up to now I could not trace any document that deals with JOINT NEEDS ASSESSMENT for Somaliland that guarantees the Integrity of Somaliland as an Independent State and the source of the GRANT agreement will be based on MERITS of Somaliland Constitution. How can you implement a GRANT based on the clan charter of Transitional Federal Government and not on the merits of Somaliland constitution? For the sake of accountability, the government and state bodies has to Execute its economic, social and political Plans through the laws of the country and through floating ideas that can not be supported by our constitution.

The issue we debating is not an economic opportunity problem, but a THORNY LEGAL ISSUE and we are bound in my point of view to seek the OPINION of a Constitutional Lawyer in resolving our differences.

3… a.) “Southern Somalia is still run by war-lords who believe that the rule of law is the final dead end of their powerful influence to their respective fiefdom, while Somaliland declared its independence from the rest of Somali Republic in May 19991 after waging a costly armed liberation war with the former regime of Siyad Bare, in which most leading members of the T.F.G.S were senior members. Moreover, Somaliland has successfully completed democratization process on 29-9-2005 in conducting successfully the election of members of the House of parliament, which hopefully will enhance good governance?

”Somaliland has finalized its Peace Building Program in 1997, while Somalia has not resumed this exercise to my knowledge. Development status of Somaliland is quite ripe to launch a program of development similar to the USA Marshal Plan for Western European Countries after the 2nd World War. How can such entities of different political social and economic situation share JNA program without raising thorny diplomatic issues?”

b. “Since the principle administrators of the Grant for the program are assumed to be the T.F.G. S, how they can access management issues pertaining to the portion of the grant allocated to Somaliland, since there are different laws and different policies during the implementation stage of the program as well as the conditionality of the Grant at the initial stage too. How do you intend to reconcile such dichotomies without undermining the integrity of Somaliland as independent State, who will not accept any interference from the T.F.G.S at any cost?”

c. “Why your mission are not entertaining to report the realities you met in the field and recommend to your organizations to formulate a different JNA for Somaliland, instead of forcing us to accept to share this program negotiated and decided up on by the most senior T.F.G.S authorities presided by war-lord President Col. Abdillahi Yusuf?”

4 The transformation of an idea to a binding policy of a political party is normally initiated by a member of the party, reviewed by the Executive Committee and is approved by the Central Committee. All policies of UCID are based on these merits as clearly stated in the Constitution of the party. As a result neither my opinion nor that of my chairman can be classified as the policy of the party before it’s transformed as stated. However, the issue in question pertains to the Integrity of Somaliland as far as JNA is concerned and that is one of the policies of UCID. As much as you would have liked, there is no question you can make me a transgressor of Party policy or as if am not respecting the Honorable MPs of UCID Party. Mr. A. M. I. Egal, please note with due respect that Ucid is not a Bazaar or an NGO owned by Mr X orY, its a national constitutional party that has to satisfy the rule of law of the Country. I am still awaiting replies from the mission to my questionnaires and I need honest citizens who can convince me that such questions are absolutely uncalled for.

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