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Exclusive: We'll Help Sink Pirate Gang

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Exclusive: We'll Help Sink Pirate Gang‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

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The U.S. Navy's Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill follows a suspected pirate vessel in the Indian Ocean Saturday. After some aggressive action by Churchill, U.S. Sailors established communications and boarded the vessel.

Exclusive Scots Vow After Liner Attack By Armed Marauders

By Himaya Quasem Sunday Mail

London, Jan 29, 2006 (Sunday Mail) – A SCOTS couple terrorized by gun-toting pirates in the Indian Ocean vowed to help convict the gang yesterday.

Allison Allan, 32, and fiance John Lygate, 40, below, were working on board a cruise liner when the pirates struck 100 miles off the coast of Somalia.

More than 150 wealthy tourists on board the Seabourne Spirit were terrified when the gang started shooting at them with rocket launchers, machine guns and pistols.

The pirates - who had been preying on vessels for the past two years - were captured after a showdown with the US Navy, 50 miles off the coast of Somalia.

They included 16 Indians and 10 Somalis.

Allison, who has returned home to Glasgow, said: "When we found out they had been caught, it was a great relief. These people are dangerous. They are like terrorists.

"The Indian Ocean is beautiful but people were not able to enjoy it because they didn't feel safe."

She said on-board security staff - including Gurkhas - managed to get a good look at the pirates.

Allison added: "But if they do need us to give evidence, then we would do our duty."

Allison, a singer on board the Seabourne Spirit and John, the ship's pianist, were attacked in November.

Passengers remained in the restaurant for hours while the captain tried to fend off the pirates.

Then, last week, American warship the USS Winston S. Churchill chased and caught the suspected pirate dhow.

The pirates were captured after a two-day pursuit that included "aggressive maneuvering" by the navy ship.

A US Navy spokesman said: "The dhow is being escorted to a port."

Somalia has no effective government and the number of pirate attacks have risen from two in 2004 to 35 last year.



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