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The President Should Refrain From Lambasting And Berating Those Who Elected Him

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By Farah Ali Jama, Ottawa , Canada .

Although the president knows the nature of our people, he is recklessly playing with fire and he should have known better. For, whoever tries to put down by force or intimidate or repress the innocent, poor, patient, and loyal Somalilanders and bans their right to stage peaceful demonstrations to channel their grievances in public and continues to unabatedly trample on their freedoms, Human Rights, and wellbeing to a pint that push comes to shove or, worse still, tries to back up their backs against the wall in order that they give in or to cowardly submit to oppression and injustices, they will certainly be in for a rude awakening as our intrepid people has never backed down against any adversary and have on many occasions made an example of such tyrannical rulers by rising and rebelling against them in a brave, fierce, and unified manner in order to bring to an end their evil deeds and bring them to account, and have in such processes soundly defeated and destroyed them and their cohorts, their power bases, and administrations effectively.

No one should therefore be surprised by the recent armed confrontation at Dumbuluq neighborhood in Hargeysa City, which its root causes stems from utter oppression and gross injustices in relation to the ongoing endemic corruption, illegal land grabbing schemes, greed and selfishness, nepotism, tribalism, and the get rich quick cabals by some Senior Administration Officials such as the Minister of Interior and others and some Senior Local Government officials such as the Mayor, City Councilors, and some affluent individuals particularly the Qat trade baron and others, all of whom, have been implicated in this odious disturbances in which a number of innocent citizens including women and children were gunned down and killed unjustly, while tens of others were wounded.

Nevertheless, it has become a common practice for the president to break with his conspiracy of silence or wake up from his deep slumber or emerge from his hibernation, as a result of, some disturbances that has occurred in Hargeysa City without giving a dump what goes around in other cities or other parts of the country, and to hastily take to the airwaves and to disingenuously berate and accuse the general public, time and again, for breaching the peace, endangering stability of the nation, and even accusing them of being collaborators or agents of some perceived external enemies of Somaliland in order to cover up for his administration’s sheer ineptness, endemic corruption, embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds, utter injustices, constant provocations, public incitement, use of excess force or inability to quell minor disturbances, frequent miscalculations, misinformation, floundering, and goofing up; while at the same time, unabatedly infringing on the Freedoms and Human Rights of the very citizenry, endangering their security and wellbeing, and trampling on the Constitution and Laws of the land in a care free, unaccountable, and callous manner.

Mr. President, it is an insult to the intelligence of Somalilanders to pretend to take the high moral road in this issue, while your administration, that is, rotten to the core is the root causes and the constant source of public incitement and disturbances that follows, a common problem that too often occurs in Hargeysa as well as in other parts of the country. Whether you like to hear what is been said here or not it is up to you since is the truth, the whole truth, and every citizen knows it.

Therefore, rather than lambasting or assailing or berating the intrepid citizenry who liberated this country from the jaws of the tyrannical, fascist, and genocidal regime of Dictator Siyad Barre, which you were part of and served it to the bitter end, but chose to forgive you and others and later elected you as their president, you should seriously begin some soul searching and to turn inwards and start to rein in and bring to justice these rogue senior officials at both levels of government including the justice branch as well as the few affluent and corrupt individuals who have made a habit of dangling their dirty and illegitimate money to others in order to perpetuate oppression and injustices.

In the meanwhile, we will continue to confront you with this issues particularly with your usual conspiracy of silence, disingenuousness, pretexts, and inability to lead these intrepid people and to steer the nation of only 3.5 million in the right direction, where freedom and liberty, democracy; good governance, rule of law, justice, equality, human rights, peace and security, territorial integrity, national stability, development, prosperity, and good life and virtues can be attained.

Overall, there will be no let up on our part in drumming the truth till the chicken comes home to root or hell freezes over. So it is up to you to be pragmatic, flexible, and adaptable to the changes around you or to reinvent and rejuvenate yourself and show the required leadership or be met with the fate of being changed unwillingly or dumped off in unceremonious manner in the near future.

Email: fjama022@uottawa.ca

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