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Well Done Mohamed
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New Oil Concession Secretly‎ Signed With An Indian Businessman‎

Unknown Flying Object‎ Witnessed In Somaliland Night Sky   

The Baidoa Rendezvous‎‎‎‎

Wales Strikes Out On Its‎ Own In Its Recognition Of Somaliland

American UN Employee Kidnapped In Somalia‎‎

AU Mission To‎ Somaliland Says Recognition Overdue

Regional Affairs

Breakaway State Has Achieved ‎Peace, Stability, Democracy

Range Teams Start Hunting In Somalia‎

The Speaker Of The Parliament Of Somaliland ‎Has Been A Guest Of The Queen In Cardiff And ‎Now Addresses Somaliland Diaspora In The UK

Militia Attack On Puntland's Mps‎

Somali Warlords Reject Call To Lift ‎UN Arms Embargo‎‎

Denmark Asks EU To Stop Djibouti Boycott

Forecast Shows Africa To Face River Crisis

Somali Parliament's Peace Bid Bad For Gun Business‎

Special Report

International News

Battle For Hearts In Bandit Country‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

Yemen: Government Calls For Help ‎Curtailing Human Smuggling‎‎

Agreement Is Reached for Students From Somalia

UK Government Invests US$1 Million In ‎Initiative To Fight Pirate Fishing‎


Somali Book Launch

Book Reviews: Desert Children‎‎

US Will Be Launching Predator Strikes In The Horn‎‎

Viva World Cup

Bossaso Port In Somalia Unlikely El ‎Dorado For The Displaced

Case Study Report

The Ticking Bomb:‎ The Educational Underachievement of Somali Children in the British Schools


Well Done Mohamed‎‎ ‎‎

Finance Minister Should Not Be ‎Involved In Budget Preparation‎‎‎‎

Who Shelved The Role Of Attorney General’s Office In The Case Of Joint Needs Assessment Program?

By Mohamud Tani

The usual drums that we hear from the quarters of the Kulmiye party used to beat like this:

-Zeila and Lawyado are leased to Ismael Gheeleh.

-Berbera part is sold out to Djibouti.

-The bibes to the oil installations are exported for scrap metal.

-Las-Anod and Sool are ceded to Abdillahi Yusuf with the blessings of Mr. Rayaale.

-Mr. Rayaale killed 500 people in Berbera.

-A girl from Majeertinia was raped by the C.I.D

-Prisons are full of political detainees.

-Portions of Hargeysa are given to Borama.

-Rayaale takes orders from Ismael Gheele.

-Relations with Ethiopia are bad because SNM leaders are not in power.

-Elections will not happen because the government does not want them.

-This Government is going to Imbigatti.

-Impeachment is our only salvation.

-Berbera port is deliberately being paralyzed.

-Somaliland is a human rights sad story.

-The Government, the Guurti, the Commission, the Supreme Court, Abdiqadir Jirdeh, everybody is there to conspire against Somaliland.

-Rayaale agreed that Britain deport to Somaliland all the refugees.

-Britain is going to build jails for its undesirables in Somaliland, and the Government approved.

-The foreign Minister has resigned.

-Our livestock will be exported from Djibouti .

I can not possibly finish here the record level of anecdotal imaginations of the Kulmiye leadership and rank and file. The literary richness of their fantasies are so amusing, so entertaining and so humorous that it became the feeding frenzy of at least two popular radio stations and several blogs and websites. I can honestly say one thing for them... With Kulmiye, it is never boring.

The story is different when one (like me) is concerned that parties are supposed to play more than a comedians role. Yet again if they were honest about their allegations, which every one of them became untrue, then how can we help? Now it is obvious someone lives in the comfortable area of paranoia and hallucinations. God forbid that!!

Well for the first time I have to congratulate the Kulmiye party for a pertinent, timely, polished and educated criticism of the National Budget. Congratulations Mohamed Haji Mohamud Omerhashi. I knew my friend Mohamed will always deliver, if he is given the chance.

If the Kulmiye party keeps faith with the people, and criticizes the Government on its undeniable record, as Mohamed Omerhashi has done. If it does not base its rebuttals on fabrications and lies. and would follow on the foot of a leadership that tells the truth, and makes educated comments like that of Mohamed Omerhashi. If it sheds the image of war-mongering demagogies, and brings about image of rationality like that of Mohamed Omerhashi, then they have got every chance of earning the trust of the populace. Trust earned not by misleading, but by leading. Trust well deserved, not George Bush type of trust of scaring the people out of their pants, but the sort of trust Bill Clinton had. A trust of creating hope. I believe in the vitality of the opposition parties and their strength. After all that is the first ingredient of a Democratic society. Opposition parties are our Governments in the waiting. They should not waste their time being the laughing stock of the common man. They should follow such examples as Mohamed Omerhashi, then they have every chance of getting elected and making the Government.. .


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