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The Speaker Of The Parliament Of Somaliland ‎Has Been A Guest Of The Queen In Cardiff And ‎Now Addresses Somaliland Diaspora In The UK
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The Speaker Of The Parliament Of Somaliland ‎Has Been A Guest Of The Queen In Cardiff And ‎Now Addresses Somaliland Diaspora In The UK

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By Somalilandtimes network

Press release

On the 1st of March, Mr. Abdirahman M Abdillahi, the Speaker of the Somaliland’s democratically elected parliament, has been a guest of the Queen on the official opening of the Walsh Assembly in Cardiff. On the 4th of March, the speaker joins, on a rare occasion, the leaders of Somaliland’s three political parties in addressing Somaliland Diaspora in UK at the Shoreditch Town Hall in London.

Somaliland, a former British Protectorate, became independent on June 26, 296, and was the first Somali country to become a member of the United Nations. A week later, Somaliland and the former Somalia Italiana united to form the Somali Republic – a union that was never ratified by the respective parliaments. A 31-year partnership with no legal binding ended in disaster and culminated in a brutal civil war between Somalia and the people of Somaliland until they separated on18 May 1991.

Somaliland is by no means the first African state to have entered into a voluntary union with another country and subsequently withdrawn from the union intact. Egypt and Syria, Senegal and Gambia, Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau, and Senegal and Mali have all done likewise.

Since the separation, Somaliland is a country of hope and determination. Its independence has been ratified by a referendum; it has a democratically elected president, Members of Parliament, and Local Assemblies. It has its own currency, flag, army, police, civil servants, and universities. It has also contributed to the global war on terrorism and entered into trade agreements with other countries and enjoys good relations with its neighbors. A prolonged absence of a political recognition may undermine these efforts and would destroy hard-won stability and peace.

This official visit to United Kingdom by the Somaliland Parliament Speaker shows that the international community, and particularly Britain, is making note of the democratic and peaceful process Somaliland has embarked upon. The visit is part of an on-going bilateral relationship between Britain and Somaliland. In 2003, a British parliamentary delegation led by Mr. Tony Worthington had paid an official visit to Somaliland and had presented a positive report to the foreign affairs select committee at The Commons on their return. Subsequently, Somaliland’s president, Mr. Dahir Rayale, was invited to visit in Britain and spoke at The Commons in March 2004. And the former British Minister of Africa, Mr. Christ Mullin has been on a visit to Somaliland. The aim of this process is to secure more development aid and ultimately political recognition for Somaliland.

Released by Dr. Mohamed A Omar, momar@hotmail.co.uk on behalf of the Somaliland Mission in the UK and Somaliland Government Coordinator in the UK.


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