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Somaliland Forum’s Position Paper On The Somali JNA

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By Somalilandtimes network

Somaliland Forum

Ref: SLF/EC MRG PR#13  

March 8, 2006  

Somaliland Forum accepts the general premise behind the Somali Joint Needs Assessment (JNA) of finding effective ways of assisting Somalis find a way out of the disintegration of the Somali state. We understand the process of the Somali Joint Needs Assessment could provide a rational for improving the peace, stability and progress of the Horn.

Somaliland found its own way out of the crisis without international conferences and without international aid. We realize the World Bank and United Nations Development Group share our desire to safeguard the peace and stability we have achieved in Somaliland. Somaliland’s political leaders, both inside the country and in Diaspora, have expressed that the JNA will indeed refrain from activities that could endanger the continued existence and prosperity of Somaliland. They gained this impression in private meetings with officers responsible for the Somali Join Needs Assessment process.

The officially published JNA documents however are replete with goals that if fully implemented would actually bring about the disintegration of Somaliland, as we know it. The conceptual basis of the JNA is about finding a mechanism to finance the enhancement of institutions of governance, safety and the rule of law in Somalia. The law and institutions that are being referred to in the JNA literature are not laws and institutions of Somaliland but those of the newest attempt at reconciliation in south Somalia’s Transitional Federal Institutions of Somalia.

These are deeply fractured institutions whose central dogma includes the negation of the existence of Somaliland and who don’t make it a secret their desire to crush, by all means necessary, what they see as “Separatist Forces in the northwest region of Somalia”. The Somaliland political parties, the Somaliland Parliament, the Somaliland Guurti, and the Somaliland Government have all unanimously rejected the war like stance of Transitional Federal Institutions (TFI) of Somalia and its President warlord Abdillahi Yusuf. Somalilanders will not be dragged into the politics of Warlord-ism and chaos.

Yet, the JNA documents make it clear in their assumption that Abdillahi Yusuf’s Somali Transitional Federal Institutions is actually the legitimate representatives of Somaliland. Somaliland Forum is concerned that the JNA process may become a back door towards the destabilizations and eventual dismantling of Somaliland. The destruction of the Somaliland state will result in chaos and in the loss of our freedom as citizens of Somaliland.

We acknowledge the private reassurances of JNA officials that international aid will not be used to destabilize Somaliland. It is logical to assume that the written word always takes precedence over verbal reassurances. Somaliland Forum calls upon the leadership of Somaliland’s political parties, parliament, Guurti, and government;

1. To formulate modifications of the JNA concept that are compatible, or at the very least, neutral to the concept of the Sovereignty of Somaliland and Constitution.

2. To bring Somaliland concerns about this JNA process directly to the donor nations meeting in Italy.

3. To ensure any final agreement Somaliland enters with international bodies.


Somaliland Forum organization is an independent think-tank that brings together Somalilanders and Somaliland supporters in the Diaspora. This organization believes in the sovereignty and democracy of Somaliland. We work with Somaliland communities and friends around the globe to contribute and work towards the socio-economic and democratic development of the Republic of Somaliland. For more information: somalilandforum.com or chair@somalilandforum.com






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