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Professor Ali Mazrui’s Visit

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By Somalilandtimes network

   Professor Ali Mazrui

On Tuesday 21 st March, Professor Ali Mazrui, the distinguished, historian, political thinker, Islamic scholar, and philosopher will arrive in Somaliland for an official visit. Prof. Ali Mazuri has written many books and articles on world history, Culture, Islam and Politics, Sociology literature etc. His books and articles have been translated into many languages. He is at moment Director of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies, based in the United States which he played a big role in its foundation and establishment. His contributions to the African cultural history through UNESCO project of re-writing the African cultural history has been regarded as a unique.

According to Ali Mazrui (1990), culture serves several fundamental functions in society. These are: (a) It is a prerequisite for perception and cognition: how people envisage the world is basically conditioned by one or more cultural perspectives that they have been exposed to. (b) It provides conditions of human behavior: what makes an individual respond behaviorally in a particular way is largely due to cultural origins. (c) Culture also provides a methodology of evaluation: What is good or bad, moral or immoral. (d) It gives a basis of identity. (e) Culture is an elaborate system of communication of which language is the most important aspect.

In analyzing the African Society, his theoretical concept and model of ‘The Triple Heritage’ has been an original and widely referred and red by students on African Societies, Ali Mazrui (1990) described this model ‘The Triple Heritage’, as follows. The triple heritage consists of the impact of three legacies: indigenous values, Islamic influence and the impact of Western culture. On Islam Mazrui (1997), has argued that there are two main issues: Islamic expansion and Islamic revivalism. The former involves the spread of Islam, "in search of new worlds to conquer" and the conversion of non-Moslems. Revivalism is the "rebirth of faith" among those who are already converted. Countries such as Sudan and Saudi Arabia have revived their legal systems and other features of the Islamic way of life, aspects of which go back fourteen centuries. Islamic movements in countries like Algeria, Egypt, and Afghanistan are also seeking revivalist goals. A similar sacred nostalgia is evident in other religions, such as among born-again Christian sects in the United States and Africa.

During the Kenyan political and economic crisis, in the 1970s and 1980s, Professor Marzui was seen as the best candidate to replace the former President of Kenya Mr. Daniel Arab Moi, and help Kenya to overcome this crisis.

Professor Ali Mazrui has an enormous influence on the world stage, the African continent, African Diaspora, African Americans and he has many followers and listeners throughout the world. What he says on Somaliland definitely will be given a close attention and be listened by many policy makers and governments. Therefore, his visit to Somaliland is a milestone.

The books written by Professor Ali Mazrui include: - :

Mazrui, A.A. (1990) Cultural Forces in World Politics. London: James Currey.

Mazrui, A.A. (1993) “African Islam and Comprehensive Religion: Between Revivalism and Expansion”. In N. Akali; R. Motem (eds.) (1993) Islam in Africa: Proceedings of the Islam in Africa Conference. Ibadan: spectrum Books Limited. Pp.247-265.

Mazrui, A. A. (ed.) (1999) General History of Africa. VIII Africa since 1935. Oxford: James Currey Ltd / California / UNESCO.

By Dr. Mohamed –Rashid Sheikh Hassan

Source: Somaliland Times

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