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Wife Through The Looking Glass

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Wife Through The Looking Glass

Letter To Editor‎‎‎

By Rhoda A. Rageh

This song illustrates the maxim ´behind every strong man there is a woman.´ Sung by an unknown artist, this dramatic monologue reminds me of Robert Browning’s ´My Last Duchess.´ Is this a retrospection and a sincere reflection of a husband to his wife or an argument refuting a judgment. What ever the case maybe, the song is not a cry for a detached lover.

The ´she´ is the wife of the speaker. Ruun can be anyone with these descriptions in which he reveals the quality of a wife he either loves or to whom he justifies a position. Or is she the wife of his dreams? Laden with metaphors, the lyrics first equal her to the backbone that keeps him steady. She is the rare love that lodges in the depth of his heart. She is the mentor who exercises patience and perseverance in times of difficulties. She is the trustee of whatever it is that needs to be protected. She is the reason for his ambition. She is the catalyst that propels positive change in his life and the stability that keeps him focused. She is not only the rain that rejuvenates him but like the thunder before the rain and gust that precedes it, she can predict his wishes.

Think about the aphorism that every man wishes to marry a woman like his mother. Here he likens her to an affectionate mother and their love the gaze she throws at her child. She is the pillar that holds the centre of their family together. The beauty of this song is not only the lyrics, but frankly the soft rhythmic tunes and the very soft music in the background put the listener into the same reflective mood as the speaker. Without the click clucks of these annoying loud musical instruments, it carries its message as Elton John would say like ´a candle in the wind.´

As a tribute to all Somaliland wives who might sometimes feel overwhelmed in the heavy family responsibilities, and unappreciated by their husbands, I would suggest that every Somaliland women to find herself in this song and celebrate it as a tribute to her. It is hard to believe that a Somali man is capable of articulating such feelings.

To the unknown artist who composed this song. I wish him the best of luck in his thoughtful observation of wives.

laf dhabarta adhaxda iyo

unugyada dhiigee jiidhka

laxaadka intiisa kale

adimadii celinayaay


jacalykii waayo arag

astaantii lagu xusaay

ubucda beerka iyo wadnaha

adaaa masalaha dhigtoo

kaligaa kugu aaminee

cid kale looma ogolaa


afadii dhibta ila martee

samirka ila qaybsataay

amaanada dhawrtaa eey

balanta ila oofisaay

abaalkaad iga mudnay

waligay ma iloobayoo

qalbigaad ku abuurantee

ogow ruuney ogow

adaan ifka kuu jeclahay.


aroortii cir onkaday iyo

udgoonkii gufaacadaay

xareedii i oon tirtiyo

raxmadaan ku il doogsadaay

asaaskii udub dhigiyo

aqalka tiir isu hayaay

siday u wiilshu ilmaheeda

eegmada ugu laxawsataa

uurkuu nugul seexatoo

cid kale looma ogolaa


ijabadaan ka aflaxaay

ilayska nuur daalacshaay

xubnaha jidhka unugiyo

ruxaad ku aroortayoo

iridka sababada degtoo

cid kale looma ogolaa


afadii dhibta ila martee

samikra ila qaybsataay

amaanada dhawrtaa eey

balanta ila oofisaay

The vertebrae forming my spine

The cells of my blood and marrow

And the strength of my entire body

You are the axis that balance my poise


For my rare love experience,

You are the symbol lying in

The depth of my heart, with

You alone I entrust the love

No one else is allowed to have.

The wife who shares my strife

That supports me in my patience,

Who guards my trust in her and

Fulfils me with all my aspirations,

The gratefulness I owe you alone

I will never forget because

You are implanted in my heart

Believe me Ruun, Believe me

I adore you in this whole wide world


Like a soft early morning thunder

And the scent of its draught, You are

The clear spring that quenches my thirst,

The merciful rain that revitalizes my roots,

The equilibrium balancing my life, and

The strength holding our house together.

Like a mother looking after her child,

With affectionate glances of love

I hold you in the softest part of my heart

Where no one else can find its way


You are the proof of my success.

A light shinning on me. Like

The cells in my body you restore me.

You are the soul in my Self. Like the air

Oxygenating my lungs, you live in my deepest

Organs where no else is allowed to be.


My wife who shares my strife,

That personifies patience in me

Who guards my trust in her

That fulfils with me all my aspirations

Believe me Ruun , Believe me

I adore you in this whole wide world.


Translated and Commented by Rhoda A. Rageh


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