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Trade deal boost Ethiopia's exports to China
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Addis Ababa - April 15 2006 - China's Preferential Trade Act of 2005 for a number of African countries has enabled Ethiopia to export a variety of products to China during the last nine months earning 1,77-billion birr (R1,25-billion), the official Ethiopian News Agency reported on Saturday.

The report quoting the state Ethiopian Customs Authority said that the country was able export to China 187 variety of products during the first nine months of the current fiscal year (2005 to 2006) ending in June, benefiting from Beijing's preferential tax and tariff-free import opportunity made available last year to a number of African countries.

Of the total export earnings, over 983-million birr was obtained from oil seeds; 91-million birr from hides and skins; and over 2,4-million birr from incense.

Other commodities Ethiopia exported to China in the last nine months included coffee, vegetables, flowers, textiles, natural gum and minerals.

China's preferential tax and tariff-free opportunity has attracted a record number of 75 Ethiopian business concerns and individuals to engage in export business with China so far, according to the Ethiopian News Agency.

Source: Sapa-dpa


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