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Hargeysa’s Mayor Meets ‎Somalilanders In Seattle‎‎‎

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By Jamal Gabobe

Seattle, USA, July 1, 2006 (SL Times) – On Saturday, June 24, 2006, Hargeysa’s mayor, Hussein Jiciir met with Somalilanders in Seattle. The meeting took place at the meetings hall of Somaliland Society in the Pacific Northwest.

The program was as follows:

- Recitation from the Holy Quran by Hassan Dahir

- Briefing by the President of Somaliland Society, Jamal Gabobe

- Update by Abdirahim Koofiyad Dheere

- Introduction by Mowlid Magarre

- Speech by Mayor Hussein Jiciir

Mr. Hussein Jiir originally came to a meeting in Vancouver, Canada called the “World Urban Forum”. He presented a paper there on building housing for the poor. Once that meeting was over, and since Seattle was not very far from Vancouver, he decided to meet with Somalilanders in Seattle.

Mr. Jiir started by emphasizing how important it is for Somalilanders to participate in different forums in order to familiarize foreigners with their cause. He referred to the President’s trip to East Africa by saying that he met a Kenyan minister in the Vancouver meeting who told him that he was one of the people on the Kenyan side who were assigned to work on President Rayale’s visit, and that although he was impressed with the President and his delegation and what Somaliland has achieved without outside help, he did not know about all of this before President Rayale’s visit to Kenya.

The Mayor spoke in great detail about the different projects that he has been involved in since he became mayor. He was particularly proud of opening a new animal slaughter house, creating a database about housing in Hargeysa, building housing for the poor and improving roads. Mr. Jiicir gave an interesting account of the difficulties and misunderstandings he encountered in implementing these projects and how he overcame them through patience and perseverance.

Mayor Jiciir was asked several questions ranging from the ubiquity of plastic bags in Hargeysa to service at the airport.

He made a strong appeal to the audience to assist in building the Hargeysa Bridge.

Source: Somaliland Times

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