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Letter To The Editor‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

Ref.: "Germany Moves South" by Ron Fraser, (Sl/Times issue 234)

Dear Sir,

it is regrettable, that You have re-printed the article by certain Ron Fraser under the title "Germany Moves South".

Regrettable, because it may detract the attention of the Somaliland public from the real issues, specially these of the possible German engagements for the benefits of the Republic of Somaliland, engagements which we are strongly supporting.

Talking about the increased German engagements in Africa, Fraser is identifying some "hidden German motives"...These can be, according to Fraser, only the matter of neocolonial nature and he is "warning" from underestimating these German "motives"...

His assessments of the current situation in the NATO and the European Union and the German role in it are clearly of lunatic nature! Mr. Fraser, in a typical mood of   a II World War Obsession, creates scenarios totally strange to the modern lives in the West, the philosophy and the mutual consensus of the democratic states and their public opinion(s).It is recognized, that Germany, as the largest European state, as its biggest economy, as the world champion in the international trade, etc, etc. have to play the adequate role in the world politics.

Mr. Fraser is warning the "blind" governments of the USA and Britain not to forget the lessons from the World War...And he is inventing "fears" in Africa, specially in South(West)Africa about the "German expansion" there....continuing with the warnings from German military engagements in Darfur, South Sudan, now Congo and, already, on the Horn of Africa...

The   Somalilanders, being   themselves victims of unique aggression from the regime of Siyad Barre, being the indirect victims of manipulations from the corrupt Arab-African regimes against their sovereignty, will know how to measures Fraser’s "warnings" and recommendations...

Germany, by its democratic records, by his all-over-African engagements, specially in the developing aid, by his strong voice against the corrupt African regimes is anything else, then projected "neocolonial power" by Fraser.  

Reading Fraser, one may get the impression, that Germany and not Britain and France has been responsible for the colonialization of Africa! This kind of sentimental deja vu towards the "good old Britain", as the "Mother" of her African "Kids" is rather awkward...

The World War obsessed Fraser manipulate even the sporting events: Not only was and is Germany happy about the wonderful Tournaments being held by us and this continues to be so! German Team has played an very good football, Germany was   by all international factors praised for its excellent organization and the conduct of the Championship and no wonder, that South Africa and President Mbeki, as the next host,   are holding Germany by highest esteems in this regard. The obsessed Fraser falsifies   the fact, that Germans have song their wonderful national anthem of..."Unity, Right(Law) and Freedom" and instead   "hear" them "singing"..."Deutschland Ueber Alles" (Germany Over All (First)...  

Again: nothing against the freedom of opinions, but to re-print such ridiculous article may be counterproductive for the Somaliland public opinion, by detracting it from the identification of their true friends. Germany, because of his own bad experiences of the dictatorship and war, is today firmly on the side of the suppressed nations like Somaliland and the   Somalilanders can be assured, that we will not let their Republic alone. Certainly Not!

Velimir Philo Tomulic
Frankfurt (M)



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