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ORSOD Observes Its Second Anniversary
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Hargeysa, Somaliland, August 12, 2006 (SL Times) – ORSOD a youth organization dedicated to the fight against the use of Qat by Somalilanders, has recently observed the second anniversary of its launching.

A gathering to mark the occasion was held at the IPRT office in Hargeysa. The meeting was opened by the organization’s executive director, Ahmed Bashe Abdi who gave a brief description of ORSON’s background, objectives and achievements.

He said “ORSOD was founded on August 8th, 2004, and the objectives for the founding of ORSOD was to find or create a generation of youth that will be able to hold the reins of the country’s future, that can participate in the development of the country and lastly, a generation that can be free from the deadly addictive stimulants such as QAAT, Cigarettes and others. ORSOD also wishes to partake in the ongoing establishment of a democratic system for our country and help to lead other organizations in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Our organization ORSOD works in two major departments, the first of which is Research and the second Social Development. And in both fields that I have mentioned, we have accomplished a lot of work that is truly a success for us and for our country.

Now, the things that we have managed to carry out in the field of Social development, to name a few, are the implementation of a view exchange conference or a knowledge interaction forum, that in which, we were able to facilitate view exchange between all parties that attended, with the intention that something tangible could come out as well as a strategic plan could be laid out, so that this plan could be distributed to all relevant corners of our country.

We also implemented six series of debates in which we summoned or invited intellectuals, politicians, government officials, youth, other civil society organizations and religious leaders. This series was a wide-ranging round table discussion that talked about the problems and opportunities facing our country and its development. This round table discussion was a serious and objective discussion and was meant to summarize the opinions of those who want freedom and stability for their country; these debates were jointly organized by us and the academy of ARECSMED, which is lead by their chairman Mohamed Rashid Sh. Xasan. Another project organized by ORSOD in this field was a broad convention whose essence was for us and the general community to agree on a national course of action towards the two deadly evils that have forever been haunting us; the primary narcotics found in Somaliland QAAT and the contagious disease HIV/AIDS. This convention was a followed by another conference a (Tactical Conference), in which we wanted to put forward a proposal on how all civil society organizations with the government could work together and try to implement a national policy against HIV/AIDS. This conference was financed by IPRT.

To come to the field of Research, we have arranged awareness campaigns from the outcomes of the conferences, conventions and debates we have held in order for the public to comprehend the advantages of the discussions and view exchanges we have carried out. ORSOD has also put into operation an ambitious and motivated book about the grand history of our country and its different stages through which it has passed. Another determined & unique project ORSOD has put in place is a sequence of documentaries that in brief, talks about our Somaliland’s beauty, cultural integrity and the people that make a difference within it”

The other person who spoke in the annual conference was Hodan Maxamed Cabdi, a member of ORSOD; she spoke about the short term plans of ORSOD and how its good to lay down a realistic map for the coming months and years so as to find an optimum stage where we with the co-operation of the general public of Somaliland could perhaps fully set in motion the humanitarian development of our country.

On the conclusion of the conference, ORSOD have prepared a spectacular closing stage in where, with the help of their members unique technical abilities have made possible, the appearance and speech of one of their foreign members who resides in Malaysia, and who spoke live on how ORSOD continues to bring together all of its members whether abroad or local in the true celebration of the happiness and joy that ORSOD has produced in its second anniversary of its existence.

Source: Somaliland Times


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