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Arrival Of Partners Or Predators?

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A comment on: Exposing the lexicon of the anti-Somaliland camp

By Yusuf Dirir Ali, Netherlands

This Awdalnews editorial hits the nail on the head. It unveils the tactics and misinformation used by the Anti-Somaliland gang. The article stalwartly refutes the allegations of the Somaliland -haters in an eloquent, factual and civilized language.

The dilemma with the Anti-Somaliland camp is not that they are trying to mislead, but they never seem to have had a lessons in civics, geography or history. They sound to believe that mother- earth was created in October, 1969 if not soon after. Worst, they seem to believe that the world was shaped by the former Somali dictator Mohamed Siyad Barre and is inherited by the warlord who enslaves their own respective villages or city blocks.

Had this people glanced at a World Atlas that was printed in the early sixties, in the fifties or even earlier, they certainly would have discovered that Somaliland is and was the right name for the country they call “North-Western Somalia”.

In the colonial era Somaliland was known as the British Protectorate of Somaliland. After the creation of what was known as the Somali Republic, Somaliland was renamed “the Northern Regions” and Somalia became “the Southern Regions”. Thus, I agree that “North-Western region” is a word coined and often used by people who are either badly informed or by those slapdash and conceited people who harbor immeasurable hate against the existence and well-being of Somaliland and its people.

Everyone on earth has the right to pass judgment on the system of governance in Somaliland, but not those who want it to become another Somalia. Instead of criticizing Somaliland, they should look around and compare the place they call their Country (Somalia) with the flourishing, Democratic and peaceful Somaliland. It is apparent to the whole world, that these people have no idea of what constructive criticism means, nor do they possess the courage and acumen to tackle the challenges that face their own people and country. In plain language, they have no advantageous plan for the future of their village or district; let alone a plan for country like Somaliland. These people know nothing but anarchy, devastation and destruction of lives and property, which they sadistically seem to enjoy and would love to yank others to join.

Destroying Somaliland at first, in the late 1980’s and the single handed continuous and slow annihilation of their own country is not enough to bring the Anti-Somaliland campers back to their senses. Once again, the Anti-Somaliland campers are spending what is left of their energy on rehearsing and trying to find a new way of harming Somaliland. But I can assure them that this unscrupulous political scam will not work with Somaliland. Why am I saying this? because I know the culture and the values of the people of Somaliland,   is quiet different from the culture of those who still enjoy the degrading and mortifying treatment of their warlords like Abdillahi Yusuf, Ali M. Geddi and others of their ilk.

When it comes to democracy and self governance, Somaliland and its people need no introduction from anyone to the outside world. It has already proven itself to the world through its democratic and peaceful track record that extends over more than one and halve decade. Somaliland fashioned itself as a model and an envy of the African continent and the developing world.

Finally,   I am in no position to shield all the great people who fall pray to the spiteful attacks of the Anti-Somaliland Mafia. These reverent ladies and gentlemen can more expressively defend themselves if at all they get the time to read the slanderous, defaming and rubbish- preaching that is published in the Pro- Somalia websites.

Without doubt, the Anti-Somaliland group does not fairly possess neither the cornucopia of knowledge nor the expertise to challenge Mr. I.M.Lewis, Iqbal Jhazbay, Matt Bryden, ICG, Drysdale, Prof. Ali Mazrui, J. Peter Pham and all the others who make contributions on daily basis to the stability, peace and prosperity enjoyed in Somaliland, in Africa and many other places in the World.

Everyone on earth is certain that the Anti-Somaliland folks are no match to these distinguished individuals. They are just humiliating themselves by trying to discredit a world renowned eminent academicians and politicians, who in some cases spent more than 5 decades of their lives, studying and researching the history and the geopolitics of Somaliland, Somalia and Africa.

Belonging to a Somali speaking region or living in a Somali populated region is merely not enough to qualify someone as an expert in the affairs of Somaliland and Somalia. Besides good knowledge, one at least needs to have a wealth of integrity and coherence in order to become credible, and I believe that the Anti-Somaliland campers lack all these essential elements.

In basic terms, the Anti-Somaliland campers want us to conceive and believe that destruction is the only step forward, warlords are Democrats and that the world is flat. Most awfully, they will keep moaning the Greater Somalia absurdity up to their last breath.



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