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'Body Carried On Bus'

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'Body Carried On Bus'

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Murdered ... Nasra Ismail

Murdered ... Nasra Ismail

London, UK, August 16, 2006 – A CRACK-crazed punter who killed a prostitute cut her body into pieces and dumped them in a canal, the Old Bailey heard yesterday.

Daniel Archer carried the girl’s torso in a suitcase on a BUS, it was said.

Jurors heard he bludgeoned 27-year-old Nasra Ismail over the head with a crowbar after having sex with her in his imprisoned brother’s flat.

He stored her body in a cupboard for three weeks before finally realizing he would have to dispose of it.

Prosecuting QC Dorian Lovell-Pank said Archer, 53, bought a hacksaw and yellow rubber gloves.

He dismembered Somali Nasra, whose street name was Suzy, on the living room floor.

Mr. Lovell-Pank said: “He cut off first of all the arms, then the legs and then the head.”

Archer took a holdall containing the head and limbs to the Caledonian Road bridge over Regent’s Canal in North London.

He threw it in the water and it sank with the weight of tarmac he had also stuffed inside.

The QC said: “He then went back to get the torso, which he put into a suitcase and took to the canal.

“On the way he found the suitcase heavy to carry, so he caught a bus.

When he arrived he saw children playing and so, rather than be seen, he lugged the case along to York Way Bridge and threw it into the canal.”

But the case did not sink — and bobbed away watched by a horrified Archer.

It was retrieved by kids playing by the canal a mile downstream.

They opened it, found Suzy’s torso and alerted police.

Panicking Archer fled to his estranged wife’s home in Poole, Dorset. But he was tracked down after his brother’s name was found on the case.

Archer picked up 7st junkie Suzy in King’s Cross before taking her to his brother’s flat nearby.

Mr. Lovell-Pank said: “He paid her £20 for sex, they both smoked some crack cocaine and after that, he killed her.”

Archer denies murder, claiming he killed Suzy in self-defense when she tried to rob him at knifepoint. The trial continues.

Source: The Sun

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