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The Enemy Of The State Is Within

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The Enemy Of The State Is Within

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The Guurti Must Reform Gradually

By Ibrahim Jibah, Oakland, CA

The boogeyman causing financial nightmares is also known as the Somaliland Minister of Finance. The Somaliland people have no idea that this boogeyman claimed unfettered right to shut down the ports of Somaliland by increasing the tariffs of the ports threefold while the goods coming into Bossaso and Djibouti are free of tariffs. The goods coming into these ports are being taken as contraband into the cities and towns of Somaliland. It has become evident that Rayale’s Finance Minister and other henchmen are enemies of the State by terrorizing the people of Somaliland economically. Since the President took the Administration of Somaliland and appointed his finance minister, Somaliland became a boat sailing quietly in the storm of poverty, dissolute and degrading aspects of human nature.  

This enemy of Somaliland is planning the dissolution of the Republic because the economic plan that Rayale and his Finance Minister put in place for Somaliland is nothing but to dissipate the spirit of the people and the country will gradually vanish. Other examples that might be termed as deceptive are the creation of so many Minister positions, filled by those who have no portfolio and hide the real agenda of this enemy. The undeclared destruction of Somaliland will come to pass if this enemy within is not confronted collectively and procedural rationality is not put in place.  

As the enemy becomes more impudent, the Parliament and the people of Somaliland must rein in this enemy and give him the pink slip. To do otherwise would be to court tyranny. Most Somaliland observers agree that there is a link between Rayale’s destruction of Somaliland and much of his domestic policy approach which is confused because its basic philosophy is elided or curtailed. The lies that Rayale and Awal and their other henchmen are shamelessly selling to the Somaliland public have systematically endeavored to squelch any real examination of an enemy who remains conveniently ill-defined.   

This Administration is not a friend of the country, but a foe of the Somaliland people and is designed to misrepresent itself in the eyes of the public. During the budget discussions in 2005 and currently, the debate to increase the minimum wage of government employees has been completely and totally rejected by the Finance Minister upon orders from Rayale. After the rejection, rumors and distortion of fact are the modus operandi to obscure the truth of the country’s financial situation. This is particularly distasteful in light of Rayale’s salary, which exceeds that of most industrialized nation presidents and which he supplements through illegal use of Somaliland funds, while those who liberated the country languish without having even the basic funds to meet the needs of every day living.  


There is also growing frustration throughout the nation with the Guurti, who are not only misleading the country and the people, but are supporting the mismanagement by Rayale’s government. The Guurti’s term will be finished in October and I would suggest to them to abdicate this responsibility given to them by the Somaliland people 17 years ago. The country is now facing different issues and the people would like to elect a new Guurti [Senators] that will take the country forwards and not backwards. As this Administration has refused to work with the newly elected Parliamentarians, with the support of the Guurti, what agenda do the Somaliland people put in place to alleviate their situation?  

As the SOPRI Conference in Washington, DC, next month gets underway, one hopes that SOPRI will entertain the following questions.

[1] What is being done to repair/replace the roads and infrastructure?

[2] Hargeysa airport needs a runway that costs $7-9 million. What is the present Administration’s plan to achieve this and obtain the necessary money. Perhaps Awal’s son could return the million dollars found on his person at Hargeysa airport.

[3] The domestic and foreign policy of this Administration is in shambles. Rayale has replaced the Foreign Minister, who made so many friends around the world for Somaliland. What is this Administration offering in her place that will assist in the quest for recognition and the economic assistance needed to develop employment, education and health care?

[4] Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of every democracy. Why is Rayale’s Administration refusing to allow independent and private TV and radio stations in Somaliland?

[5] What is Rayale’s Administration doing to alleviate the situation of minimal electricity and water services in Hargeysa?

[6] What is Rayale’s Administration doing to protect the environment and the natural resources of the nation?

[7] What is Rayale’s Administration doing to protect the constitutional and civil rights of each and every Somalilander?

If SOPRI is not willing to allow or ask these questions themselves, then each and every member of the Somaliland Diaspora needs to ask them to themselves and of each other. I sincerely hope that this conference will provide a milieu that our people in Somaliland will truly benefit from in the near future.

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