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Aids Became A Controversial Article

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Aids Became A Controversial Article

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By Saeed M. Abdi

It was in the early 1971 when aids became a prevalence disease in some regions of the   USA like Los Angeles, it immediately spread to all other American regions and even through out the continent.

Africa suffered this disease a lot and the existence of this hierarchy was later noted though Rakai (a district in Uganda) was earlier known as slim disease where the most of many young aged people complained about the loss of weight and finally to the possibility of death .

In the 1990s the situation had developed from grim to gloomy and the protection of this tragic event became a controversial article on the different people with variety culture.

Islam, the religion of peace, mercy and prosperity encourages it’s people to avoid any action that could lead what we call fornication or sexual intercourse, on the other hand if you see the other people (Christians and Jewish) believe the more question you answer YES the more at risk you are

1: have you had more than one partner in last year?

2: is there a chance that your partner is unfaithful to you?

3: do you have sex with sex workers (prostitutes)?

4: do you neglect to use condoms in sexual encounters with unfamiliar partner?

What is written above is a grisly manner and a harrowing action to Islamic religion , if we anticipate the statistics carried out WHO we see that Islamic people are at vary low risk on HIV/AIDS ,the statistics shows the only prevention to this disease is to stop what Allah had forbidden in his holly Koran.

The questions written above are verifying that the western countries are not on the way to stop this unseen and an unprecedented disease HIV/AIDS rather to develop for what they called an anxiety of the world’s rapid increase.

Asia which has the words largest people in which most of them live in CHINA and INDIA suffered the disease a lot and it was only first recognizes in 1985 in Thailand and with in five years 50,000 infected people have been reported.

My people let me remind you those highways with truck drivers and roadside night stops are playing a significant role in the spread of this tragic disease in our newly growing country Somaliland.


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